Top 3 Freelancing Sites I like – Part 2

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Continuing from the previous post, here are the other two freelancing sites I love to work in. The recommended site among these top 3 freelancing sites will also be highlighted at the end. Keep reading…

Fiverr is another upcoming freelancing website which I love working on. Even though I said upcoming, it is not that new. Fiverr was launch on     February 2010 and is comparatively new in the marketplace. It is a highly visited freelancing website for both the buyers and the sellers. There are a lot of unique features available for the seller here, which are not available on other freelancing sites. You can expect more work to come your way on Fiverr than any other site when you start as a freelancer with fewer skills and experience. This is why this site features in my list of top 3 freelancing sites for the absolute newbie.

The name Fiverr is derived from the number 5. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this site is that the services start from $5, though it can go up to $10,000 or more, depending on what type of services or gigs you offer, and the level of your expertise on the site. The hierarchy on Fiverr is comparatively much flatter than the other marketplaces (or freelancing websites) and thus, it helps the seller to grow quickly to respectable heights.

This freelancing website offers portfolios of the sellers and you can add images and videos to your profile to make it look attractive. In fact, all the profiles are needed to have graphics added to them, apart from the account logo etc. This attracts a lot of clients. The clients or the buyers are moved much more by seeing profile pictures, portfolio images, and videos. Coupled with the idea that a service can be obtained by paying just $5, Fiverr has been successful in attracting more buyers and hence, more sellers as well.

You can make multiple portfolios or gigs for each of the skills that you have. Depending on the type of work you do, you can choose and set your category for that particular gig. The best part of Fiverr, apart from this visual buffet (for the buyers) is that you can have different gigs from different skillsets and sell all of those simultaneously. Register with and spend time in learning the tips of the tricks; make a couple of gigs and start selling! All the best! :)

The third top freelancing website I love to work with is Upwork was formed recently after online freelancing website giants oDesk & Elance came together, in the year 2015. Although you can start your career in freelancing with Upwork, it is more suitable for someone with persistent freelancing experience. It does not mean an absolute newbie cannot start working on Upwork; you can! Provided you are determined to go to the next level quickly. You will have to write exams, prepare to work on long term projects and learn the skill of writing cover letters or bids. These are not skills which are only applicable here, on Upwork. These are skills which are equally important in other marketplaces as well, but here on Upwork, you may not get the time to learn these.

Upwork is more suitable for long-term projects. And clients look to hire sellers for 6 to 18 months or more. Writing cover letters is very important on Upwork. We will spend a lot of time explaining how to do that in future posts. The buyers do ask for ad-hoc jobs as well, but the stress is on hiring someone for long term. You will have to prove yourself and beat the competition to get a job on Upwork. And once you are habituated with the process, Upwork can generate much more revenue than the other two sites I mentioned.

Upwork is obviously one of the top 3 freelancing sites I love to work in, for advantages of its own. For any freelancer, working online and selling their services, Upwork is the place to head to – slowly, but surely.

My Verdict

So, which of these top 3 freelancing sites should you register with first? My answer would be, Fiverr!

Fiverr gives you the option to learn as you earn. You can actually start selling on Fiverr much quicker than the other two sites and this is very critical for anyone who is starting his career as a freelancer. If you see dollars in your wallet getting accumulated, you do not need any other motivation to continue your journey with freelancing. Fiverr has various features, like a visual portfolio, an ability to showcase various skills which are not interdependent, a ranking algorithm that gives equal chance to the newbie as well and a few others, which makes selling on Fiverr easier than we think.

We will spend more time with all the freelancing websites I know and have experience working in, but we will spend more time with these top 3 freelancing sites. Stay tuned for more. Do let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer all those from the comments section below.

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