Saturday, October 14, 2017

Make progress your habit

Namaste friends and freelancers,

Before I tell you anything today, answer a few of my questions. Let this be a little more interactive. Read these questions and answer in a simple yes or no – but talk, voice out and don’t do it in your mind alone, please.

Today or in the last 24 hours, did you post anything new on your Facebook page or the Facebook group that you run?
Did you post anything on your Instagram or Pinterest account?
Did you write any new post on your blog?

Answer the following questions aloud:
What did you read in the last 24 hours?
What is that one new thing that you learned today?

Did you exercise or take your time out from your schedule to meditate?

I hope you answered. If you did, thank you. It does not matter whether you said Yes or No. But if you have answered the questions, you are now ready for today’s post.

Namaste, my friends! Welcome to post number 6 of this 16 weeks blogging challenge. If you have followed me since this challenge was started, you would know what it is all about. Thanks for staying connected. However, if you have not read the previous posts and this is the first time that you are reading a post in this challenge, let me tell you that this challenge is about writing one post every week for 16 weeks, on motivation and inspiration which can help you in your journey as a freelancer or an online entrepreneur. I would suggest you check out the other posts in this series and trust me, you will be happy when you have done so. Let me know, in your comments.

In this post today, I am not trying to scare you away with the questions I started with. I am just trying to bring your attention to a few daily chores which most of us have listed in things that we do. These are a few things that most freelancers and online entrepreneurs need to do in their daily life. And things that you do daily for your business, bring consistency in your life and business, obviously.

With these questions, I am just trying to stress on the point that whatever we do, we need to be consistent on it. Consistency helps us in maintaining the reliability and trustworthiness of things that we create & share with our subscribers and followers. When we share things consistently on social media, our subscribers find us more dependable, steadfast and trustworthy.

This consistency transforms these tasks into habits. And this brings in success, eventually.

When we do few tasks regularly, they became our habits and these habits add to our regular progress. However small that progress maybe, but there would be some progress, nevertheless. Consistency lets us progress slowly but surely and this progress becomes our habit, in time.

To reach beyond our achievements, you need to be progressing consistently. This is where I can help you and I will, obviously. I will work with you closely and together, we will do everything that would be needed to effectively make it big. To start with, let’s make progress our habit. How? Let’s look into it more closely.

Those questions that I asked at the beginning are just some of the things that many of us do (or are supposed to do) regularly and consistently, right? Posting on Social Media, meditating or reading a book or a daily blog eventually make us getting habituated with these tasks. What are the reasons or goal behind posting on social media, if we take that as an example?

Social media brings us followers, fans, and critics as well. So, when we post something on social media related to our services and products that we sell online, as an online entrepreneur, these fans and followers are the first ones who look at that post. Their reactions (in form of likes, dislikes & shares) and reviews (in forms of comments) bring in more people who eyeball our offerings. If we are offering something that matches with a need that one of those is trying to fulfill in their life, they would buy our product or service. This is the regular business model when you launch your business on social media.

So, the more posts we make the chances of our products being sold increase. However, we should always post as much as our audience could ideally consume. That is a different topic; we will discuss it sometime else. But the real point here is that the more consistently we post things on social media, our followers would be more interested and many of them will be on the lookout for our next post. Which, as we said earlier, eventually will snowball to more followers, more sales and hence, more revenue.

This is an example of how being consistent helps us to progress. And we progress consistently when we make these our habit.

Do you remember that we talked about hard work, where I asked if you really have it in you to make it really big? One way of working hard is to progress habitually. Many online entrepreneurs who have made it big in life have done so ONLY by making progress a habit. Passive income sources like blogging and posting videos on YouTube, largely grow by virtue of consistent activities. You need to make writing articles and making videos a habit and that will contribute to your overall success.

Make progress your habit. Do tasks you ought to do for the propagation of your business in such a way as if they are your daily chores, like taking bath and brushing your teeth. Every day progress by a little bit. And doing so, one day, you will reach beyond your imagination.

So, that is it for this post. I hope this helped you in some way. Kindly let me know in your comments if it did and how it did help you. I and my readers will be all ears to whatever you have to say.

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Clarity in your own thoughts

Namaste friends and freelancers,

I hope all of you had a happy Dusserah and festivities last week. I had a great time with friends and family around. Really, this is probably the best part of the year. With the year coming to an end soon, we are into October! October is a special month and is close to my heart, always.

Anyways! So, here I am with the next article of this 16 weeks blogging challenge. This is article number 5 and I really hope you have read the other ones I posted earlier (Click here). Please scroll down and check those out or you may also try the blogroll on the side column. Help yourself. Trust me, you do not want to miss those.

Let’s talk about today’s post. What is it all about? Clarity in your own thoughts! Well, before I tell let me talk about a story. I am sure you like stories (well, most of us do) and this one is straight from the raw pages of my book of life. Do not worry, it is not a very long story and it has a superb message hidden in it. So, take a read!

The story goes like this. We had a very honorable teacher during our high school days who taught us moral science. He told us stories with morals and constructive social messages hidden in them. He was a very scholarly and educated man and he had a long career where he taught students from all over the world, comprising of various regions, religions, castes, creeds or other manmade social differences.

He held a plethora of degrees from various institutes and famous academies of the world and we used to often hear our headmistress and other senior academicians talk very highly about him in our school functions and official parties. He had written a lot of books – academic and fiction as well; and had a long list of published works in the field of human behavior, sociology, and social sciences.

He was respected and equally loved by all his students as well. In short, he was an ideal teacher a student can have met in school life. He was always there for a student, whenever anyone needed him.

Most importantly, he was a very good human being and was very famous in our school; but, he had had a major problem, unfortunately, which almost ruined his teaching career. Students were getting upset with him and he was escalated indirectly for this behavioral trait more than once. Everyone in the teachers’ room also got to know about it eventually.

What was that problem that in due course, became so enormous? The problem was that he was not able to express his thoughts clearly to the students and often diverted away from the topic while teaching in class and started explaining something very different from what was needed in that particular lecture.

There were more than a few instances when we actually could not comprehend or decipher what he was teaching in class. He would go off topic every now and then and explain something which would be very informative or funny otherwise, but not included in the course curriculum. There would be clear mismatches between what he intended to teach and what he taught, ultimately.

Many students complained that he used to start the class on one topic and then divert to something else, though relevant most of the times, but not always in the absolute context of the topic. For example, he used to start explaining the concept of light, then move to sound, then maybe how the ear and diaphragm work – all these in very quick time and at the end of the class, we would find that the basic concept of propagation of light remained unexplained entirely.

We used to feel confused and perplexed and often ended up getting help from other teachers, seniors in school or even our parents. Parents were unhappy because things were not explained properly in school and they had to spend more time with us, explaining basic concepts.

This teacher obviously was a very good human being and behaved awesomely with everyone and our parents too. But, since he was not clear in his thoughts, he could not explain concepts clearly to us and ultimately, he was not effective! That ruined it for him.

Clarity in your own thoughts is very important if you want to make it big! Clarity of thoughts shows that you have definite ideas in mind, that you are serious and that you are free from unwanted feelings which often become hurdles in our journey.

Well, this story was just an example. Clarity in your own thoughts is not only important while teaching or mentoring, but it is also important even while you share a concept with someone.

While you think within and talk to yourself, it is very important that you think about the right things that help you move forward. Be clear in your mind about the things that you want to do and want to achieve and that will push you in that direction even when you are not completely aware of it.

While you set your GOALS, or while you make a To-Do list, you need to be clear inside your mind about what exactly you want to accomplish during that particular time period and what you want to put more efforts in. It is very significant that you are absolutely sure about what you want to do and achieve, by the end of this year, next week or end of today. Be very clear about it in your own mind.

Just ask yourself this one question: If I am not sure myself what I want, how can I convince the world?

On the contrary, if you are very sure of something in your mind, it keeps working in your subconscious mind as well and that pushes you through the times. I will definitely talk about the power of the subconscious mind in near future – that is a separate topic and needs dedicated attention. But I really hope that you understood today’s topic clearly.

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That’s it for today. Have a happy weekend. I will see you again on next Saturday, which is a really special day in my life. Stay tuned and have fun!


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