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Buddhir Dhenki's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2018), powered by The Indian Freelancer

Namaste friends and freelancers,

How have you been? I hope you are doing super with your struggle to reach where you want to. Today, I am going to make an announcement. This post is all about that. I am going to talk about the contest and list down a few rules associated with it, in this post.

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Our Bengali YouTube Channel – বুদ্ধির ঢেঁকি (Buddhir Dhenki) – is completing 2 years of her journey and today is 2nd anniversary. And I am here with the all awaited giveaway, that we were planning for so many months now. Finally, it is here.

Buddhir Dhenki's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2018), powered by The Indian Freelancer

Below is where you can login to take part in the contest. There are a lot of ways that you can enter the contest. There are 3 mandatory entries and you can make a lot of multiple entries as well. Each entry entitles you to win the giveaway. So, login below and complete more entries to increase your chances to win.

Buddhir Dhenki - 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2018)


In this giveaway, this time we will choose 2 winners using the same app (or website) that we used to collect the contest entries. The website is The above widget is provided by them and we are using their free service plan to organize this contest.

The Prizes:

The delay in bringing this contest to life was because we could not finalize on one particular prize for the winners. It is not possible for us to purchase or send items outside India (due to multiple limitations) and hence, we could not zero down to one prize. This is the reason we have the following Prize Structure:

Indian Winner:
For an Indian winner we will have either of the hardcover books (1) Byomkesh Samagra by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay or (2) Galpa 101 by Satyajit Ray – whichever is opted by the Winner. This would be sent by post. We will collect the physical address of the winner after the competition gets over.

Winner from other nations:
We will send 5 Bengali eBooks, over email. We will collect the email address of the winner after the competition gets over.

As an added step, please comment your preferred gift in the comments section of this post. You can change it later as well.

Contest will run throughout the month of February 2018 and winners will be announced in the first week of March 2018.


  • The final decision on the winners and the prizes will be taken jointly by us, The Indian Freelancer & Buddhir Dhenki.
  • The prizes mentioned above can also change as we will look to get the best possible prize to our winners.
  • Every giveaway has some loopholes and I would expect my audience not to get into a mood of exploiting those loopholes to win the prize. This is not a huge prize for which you need to take unnecessary wrong steps and get involved in wrongdoings. Play fair.
  • This giveaway contest is organized just to interact with the audience and to create a feeling of goodwill. There is nothing else associated with it. Please do not drag it beyond the limit of having fun and getting engaged. Participation is the key, as always.
  • And lastly, neither The Indian Freelancer or Buddhir Dhenki is bound by any law to organize this event in a particular way and have the rights to modify, postpone or even cancel this event without any notice. This is very unlikely but can be done if some unforeseen situation arises.
  • We want you to participate, get engaged with us and win the prizes. That is our goal.

Thanks everyone for being here and taking part in the event. Let’s make it a success - together.


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Friday, January 26, 2018

10 Reasons why we are not as Successful as we should be

Namaste friends,

How have you been? I hope you are doing great with your hustles. Never get satisfied!

Well, today I am here with an interesting post. It is interesting because it talks about things that we avoid thinking about – reasons we are not as successful as we should be. Today, I am going to stress about things that we want to do as we know that these will help us in our path to success, but still, we fail to adhere to them. There could be many reasons why we do not follow them, but it is important that we try and bring these to our plate and give them a thought as well. We can improve and we will.

Let’s learn and grow together!

Now, before getting into the specific reasons we are not as successful as we should be, let me tell you that not all of these would be relevant to you. Which means one may be following a few of these religiously while missing out on the others. If this is your case, try to concentrate on the ones you are not able to follow and take steps towards your success.

Let’s start the countdown one by one.

Take a Print of this picture and pin it to your Visual Notice Board

1. Being Lazy:

Laziness has destroyed many dreams and I can tell from personal experience that laziness has stopped many from achieving what they could have achieved if they were not lazy. If you think you are lazy, then try not to be. You are the best judge but if you are not sure, ask your immediate family members for their frank feedback – they can easily tell if you are an idler. Take proper steps to come out of laziness. One thing I can suggest is to not procrastinate things and do what you intend to do right away! Let me know if it helps when you practice this.
(Check out my Online Course on Time Management & Productivity on Udemy Or Skillshare, if you want to go a step further into this point)

2. Lack of Positivity:

Being positive and staying positive alone can move mountains and I have seen this happen in real life. If you lack positivity in life, you are missing out on a lot many things. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, in his book The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Traits for Maximum Results, talks about how you can build your confidence and determination by staying positive. Stay positive. Surround yourself with positivity and positive people as much as you can. That will help the cause. You can achieve a lot more with whatever you are doing, by simply staying positive about it and the success that this will bring to you in the long run.

3. Too much Analysis:

Stop thinking and get doing. Most of us spend more time in analyzing things that we are doing. We analyze things too much and at times much before they actually happen. Consider this as a request from me and think twice before you start analyzing “what happens when.” Seize this moment and work towards fulfilling your goals and don’t waste time on analyzing. This is something that you can easily outsource in the long run if you are a growing entrepreneur. If you are still in the initial stages and cannot afford to hire an analyst, trust me, more often than not, you do not actually need this analysis. Get back to work and move towards achieving your goals. Goals? Well, check the next big reason that one cannot achieve what he should.

4. No SMART Goals:

Most of us have a lot to do in our mind, but we do not have specific set goals. This is an important step in every achiever’s life – to have set goals. We must have goals to achieve – some kind of milestones and a known end result or destination of our voyage. Otherwise, our journey is not going to be cherished. Brian Tracy, one of my favorite authors, has discussed the power of having effective goals in his book – Goals! How to get everything you want – faster than you ever thought possible. And not only goals but having SMART goals is something which is very important. By SMART, I mean that your goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time Bound.

Similarly, you should also have defined your success in measurable terms. Only when you can define what your success would look like, you can achieve it much faster than that you thought you would. That is another topic though, and we can delve into it in a separate post.

5. Procrastination:

A big reason that we do not achieve what we can is that we push the work on hand to the future. Procrastination is a criminal offense that we perform every now and then. We waste a lot of time in analyzing, as we saw earlier and the rest of the time is lost in procrastination. It becomes a habit of pushing today’s work to tomorrow and then to the next day until our work pile up and we feel pressurized due to the workload. That is the point where most of us break and stop working completely. There is a wonderful book, if you want to read that, titled, “Zero Excuses: How to live a Beautiful Life and be Cool as F*ck” written by Gabriel Machuret. Check it out on

6. Thinking Small:

I am sure most of us have heard about the power of thinking big. The Magic of Thinking Big is an award-winning bestseller written by David J Schwartz which talks about positive thinking and thinking big. This can be a guide to a better life. This book can change the way you think and hence, prepare you for a better tomorrow. Thinking small limits us to the extent till which we think. If we think small, we cannot achieve big – this is as simple as that and there is no deviation to this. Think Big – think Now! Feel free to get a hold of the book I listed above and I am sure it will help you change the way you think or at least, boost your confidence in yourself.

7. Privilege:

Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Did your ancestors leave enough riches that can take you through your life and probably your next generations without moving a stone? If yes, you are one of those few lucky people in this world, who does not even accumulate up to 1% of the population. For the rest of us, we need to work and work our own path to success. We are not the privileged ones and are not entitled to heaps of wealth. If you think you are while you are actually not the fortunate one, it is time you STOP thinking about it and get back to work. Probably right now!

8. Phobia:

There was a Bengali poem which we read in school which said that we do not do what we must because we are afraid of what others will say. This is an illusion and you must come out of it at the earliest. In today’s world, no one is actually that bothered about you that they stop everything they are doing and brainstorm about what you are doing to be successful in life. Well, if you are a famous YouTuber and publish daily vlogs, then that is a different case. You would want people to know your every step and comment about it – in which case, I am pretty sure, you do not have this phobia. Otherwise, come out of this illusive phobic disorder, which is a general term used for all kinds of phobias.

9. Lack of confidence:

Most of us have a lot of dreams but not all of them come true. For some, dreams come true only in films and books but not in real life. This is utterly a mistake. If you are confident that whatever you are doing will make you successful one day, you should go ahead with it and put in your efforts to reach your goal and be successful. Believe in yourself, be confident and be sure within your own that you can do it – you can win the race and that you can make a difference and achieve success. But we do not do that because we lack confidence. We remain unsure of our own abilities and deep within ourselves, we do not believe that we can achieve or do what we intend to do. Lack of enough confidence and self-belief is a big reason that we do not achieve what we should, otherwise.

10. Weak Willpower:

Do you really want what you say you do? Really? Like, from the inside? Are you determined to go through anything that comes in between you and your success? Do you have a strong willpower to back you up? If yes, then success will be yours. There is no second thought. But most of us do not achieve what we should because of a weak willpower and a feeble determination. Successful people are often known to be highly determined and single-minded. They can focus on their path to success and reach their destination faster than others because of their strong willpower. The book, “The Science of Self-Discipline” by Peter Hollins talks about willpower, mental toughness, and self-control which can help you achieve your goals faster. You can get this too, from

So, these are the top 10 reasons, according to me, which pull us back and does not let us succeed as much as we are capable of. They are not in any order of preferences and each one has equal impact on our own road to success. 

Which one do you think is restricting you from growing? Or do you have more than one of these reasons? Do write your comments and let me know. Your comments encourage me to write more.


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Why, What and How in Freelancing, 2018

Namaste friends and freelancers,

Hope you are doing great. How is the hustle going on? Hope you are able to keep the flag flying up and high. That is what is most important. This year, in 2018, keep putting the hard work in and it will bring in results for sure. Get on with my Facebook Page and the connected Group and take part in the discussions created by online entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over the world.

In today’s post, I am going to answer something which is very basic for the buddying freelancer or someone who is wondering what freelancing is and how to start. You have already guessed it from the title, I suppose that I am going to talk about the Why, What and How in Freelancing today. What is this all about? Are you wondering too? Well, let’s start and clear off the cloud.

It happened so that one of my close friends, whom I missed a lot in recent times due to lack of regular interactions that we used to have when in office, years ago, wanted to know about freelancing. Probably she wanted to start something of her own and that is when I told her about these three questions – Why, What and How in Freelancing. So, what exactly are these?

When you start as a freelancer and you are an absolute beginner and you are searching where to start from, I guess this is a good point to get going. Ask yourself these three questions:
1.      Why do I want to be a freelancer?
2.      What will I do as a freelancer?
3.      How will I do what I intend to do?

Well, I can certainly help you with the last one; but you got to find the first two for yourself – and there is no other way out of it. No shortcuts! I can help you brainstorm through these as well, but you got to find them out on your own.

These were my exact words to her, my friend. And in this post today, I am going to talk more about these three questions.

WHY Freelancing?

The first thing that you need to find out is YOUR WHY. Let me tell you here that everyone has his own ‘why’ and it is very critical to search and find that ‘why’ before starting your freelancing career – or anything that you want to do, for that matter. This ‘why’ will define your initial and future planning and brainstorming that will go into your business starting NOW!

Ask yourself why do you want to freelance. There are a lot of other ways one can earn money and the most common option is to get a job in the field of your education. In India, most of the students want to get into a job as soon as they have finished their graduation and people go through a lot of competitive examinations and interviews to land into a job of their choice; though, most of us end up doing whatever they get. If you are smart enough, you can easily get a job in the Information Technology sector, which is the most lucrative job sector in India as of today. Most graduates aspire to get a job in the IT sector once after they have passed out of college.

Now, you may be a student, or a housewife or someone with a job in hand and looking for some extra income. You can be anybody unique, absolutely. And this is why your ‘why’ would be unique too.

I cannot tell you why you should choose to be a freelancer as I do not know what you are going through right now in your life. You are the best judge and you are the most eligible one to find your own ‘why’. And I am sure you can do it the best.

How to Find Your WHY?
Think very basic. Get to the elementary things, like sources of income and aspirations in life – the following 10 questions may help:
  1. Do you need to earn?
  2. Why do you need to earn?
  3. How can you earn? What various options do you have?
  4. Are you already working and satisfied with whatever you are doing?
  5. Are you using your knowledge (academic + hands-on experience) in whatever you are doing?
  6. Are you passionate about whatever you are doing to earn, at present?
  7. Are you able to spend enough time with your friends and family and also your passion, while at work?
  8. Is there anything that is stopping you from getting or doing a traditional office job?
  9. What are you building at work that you can leave behind for or gift to your next generation?
  10. Is whatever you earn today enough for your dreams and aspirations?

… and so on!

Also, think about WHY NOT? Write in your comments what you find out, afterward.

If you do not get any satisfactory reason as to why you should be a freelancer, it is perfectly alright. Do not stress yourself about it. I believe that you cannot rise if you force yourself into doing something that you are not passionate about. The passion is very important. Rest all can follow.

Not everyone needs to be a freelancer – the majority of the world is not aspiring to be one. You are still doing a lot good without being a freelancer. The remainder of this post may not be helpful for you in any way. You may choose to skip!

Now, if you actually found some solid reasons and want to start as a freelancer or an entrepreneur (online or offline), please continue reading. This post is for you.

WHAT to do as a Freelancer?

The next big question is WHAT – what do I do as a freelancer? Well, to tell you the truth, there is a hell lot of options and avenues that you can avail. Starting from being a home tutor to a dog walker (though not very popular in India yet) and a stock market broker to a software developer, you can choose from a lot of options. You can actually do anything you want to do – there is no limit.

Anything? Yes! You read that right. If you have the skills, start off right now and if you don’t, acquire the skills first – then, you can literally do anything that you are passionate about.

To start finding your WHAT, the first few questions that I would ask you are these:
  1. Do you want to work online or offline as a freelancer?
  2. Do you want to be a part-time or full-time freelancer?
  3. What are you passionate about? Can this be transformed into something that can be sold?
  4. What are your limitations or what are the hurdles that you face in pursuing that passion?
  5. What can you do, with all the limitations that you have at present?
  6. What exactly will you sell – a product or a service? Is that profitable?

Now, the above questions will certainly help you in narrowing down your options and making up your mind to whether you would want to start off as a freelancer or not; and if yes, what exactly you are going to sell as a freelancer. There are two other things that you need to keep in mind while going through the above questionnaire – rather, two suggestions while brainstorming.
  • Take one question at a time and think ONLY about that one question.
  • Use a pencil and a paper to jot down whatever comes to your mind. Works great!

This is an important 2-steps exercise that I suggest everyone do before we can sit together in consultation. I am sure you can yourself see that until this stage it is more of you talking to yourself and narrowing down to those few things that you would really want to do or sell as a freelancer. Those options that you choose should be:
  • Doable
  • Sellable
  • Profitable
  • Repeatable
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable
  • And things you are passionate about.

Once this is done, we can proceed with the last thing in this process – find out HOW. How to do what you want to do?

HOW to do what you want to do?

I am happy that you have gone past two very important steps while starting off with freelancing and finally you have reached here, where you would want to know ‘how.’ This HOW can come in different sizes and shapes and trust me, this is the longest step among the three and deserves a lot of determination, deep thinking, and hard work as well.

A few of the HOW questions that you need to ask now, can be:
  1. How can I do what I want to do?
  2. How can I sell it?
  3. How can I find buyers for it?
  4. How can I get to the place where I get buyers?
  5. How can I choose the right buyer to sell my craft to?
  6. How can I compare or research on my existing competitors?
  7. How can I do better than them?
  8. How can I make my presence felt?
  9. How can I make future buyers come to me, instead of me going in search of them?
  10. How can I make a working business model that suits me best?
  11. How can I scale up my business?
  12. How can I make good money out of what I want to do?

… and so on!

This is where I can help. You can contact me and we can fix up a time when we can talk about this and help you take your next step. I do this consultancy as a profession as well. Just send me a message to get in touch.

Now, each of these HOW questions need to be dealt with individually and they vary from case to case. You can probably do this step on your own as well if you can invest some more time in yourself. Trust me, you will never repent of this investment that you make today. It will be of huge value in the days to come.


Life as a freelancer looks cozy and easy from the outside while it is not, I can bet. A lot of things go into it right from the moment you think of being a freelancer. Hence, one needs to spend some good time to understand and to get educated about freelancing and entrepreneurship before taking the plunge.

Many office goers may just either want to leave everything and get into freelancing or disregard freelancing and knock it off the shelf and not want to venture into it – both, do not have much knowledge about freelancing and its nuances. Many people do not have clarity of the entire process involved and hence, build up their own views and opinions about freelancing – which unfortunately are often wrong – both good or bad. Well, it is not their fault as they have not spent enough time in trying to understand the concepts and live the life of a freelancer. You can’t blame them.

But then, it is not the most important thing to think about as a freelancer or a freelancing expert. What you must do, is to achieve clarity in your own thoughts and this involves and demands a lot of active, aggressive and progressing thinking – whenever you can, wherever you can. The more you think thus, the better you will get at freelancing – or at any other thing, for that matter. Only by thinking deep, you can actually find your own Why, What and How in Freelancing. You can always start with the freelancing concept.

With this, I will end this post. I hope you found this helpful and if you did, do let me know in your comments. Please share this post with your friends and family, if there are people you know, who can be benefited by this content. I look forward to getting back to you, with another post soon.

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