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How to redesign an existing WordPress blog from scratch - video tutorial

Topic: How to Redesign an Existing WordPress Blog Preparing the existing blog Installation of WordPress Themes and Plugins Duplicate Posts in WordPress using Plugin Best Elementor Addons to Design Blog Archive Pages Redesigning the Blog using the Elementor Page Builder Plugin In our journey as a blogger, we often find ourselves designing and redesigning our blogs. Most of us are not satisfied with how our blogs look at the present and must have thought of redesigning it. However, redesigning an existing WordPress blog is not a very straight forward activity. It would be best if you had a solid plan and knowledge about setting up everything again so that you do not lose on your present ranking and probably better it. For those who are not very savvy with blog designs, this is probably going to be a daunting task. And if you have had someone else do your blog earlier and now you are trying to do it yourself, then you can only pray that everything just falls in place

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