Saturday, September 30, 2017

Do You Have It In You?

Namaste friends and freelancers,

How are you doing today? Before I begin, let me wish each of you a very happy Dussehra. Today marks the victory of the good over the evil. Today was the day, according to Hindu Mythology, when Bhagwan Shri Ram killed Lankeshwar Ravan and freed Sita Mata from his captivity. I wish you kill the evil residing in your own self and come out triumphant. Have a great time with your friends and family.

Today, the Bengalis celebrate Bijoya Dashami, which marks the end of Durga Puja and return of Maa Durga to her home in the Kailasha, where Bhagwan Shiva is waiting for her and her children. After having a great time with the kids in this mortal world, with all of us, Maa Durga will go back today only to return after a year!

Also, today Muharram is also celebrated in India. Today is the tenth day of Muharram when it is believed that Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, became a martyr at the Battle of Karbala. This day is marked as a mourning.

A lot of festivities are going around right now. And amidst all these, here I am with the next episode of this 16 Weeks Blogging Challenge. Let’s look into what this post has in store for us.

Today in this article, I am going to talk about YOU! Yes, you are as important as I am and I strive continuously to make your life better – both personal and your business life. I am sure that you can easily tell this already.

It is important to talk about basics of freelancing and online entrepreneurship and show you literally how you can earn money online, working from home and I keep doing that from time to time, whether on my blog or my YouTube channel. But you will also agree with me that this information is available in bulk on the internet. Hence, my focus is shifted towards providing you with specific information that can create an instant impact on your business, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and waste your time.

In this series though, I am talking on motivational topics and trying to inspire you to do more. I strongly believe that if you do more of anything that you like and you are passionate about, you are sure to succeed. So, in this series, I would not talk about how to earn money online but I will try to set you up with a mindset where you feel ready to take on the world. Are you ready? Do you have it in you?

As important as learning is, so is absorbing and understanding everything that you learn. We learn every day – some days we learn a lot more and there are some days when we learn only a little bit, but you cannot deny that we learn something or the other every single day, without fail.

The question here that remains is, how many portions of what we learn are we able to recall when in need? Some people, whom we call geniuses can actually retain everything that they learn – well, almost all of that; while most others, who constitute the lion’s share of our population, can recollect almost nothing of what is being taught to them even after a few hours.

Which one of these are you? We all fall in one of these two categories. Or do you think that you are someone in between these two categories?

Not all of us are equally gifted. Not all of us can readily recollect things we learn. But it is an important trait that you must possess if you want to make it big. Do you have it in you?

Whatever I rate myself on a scale of one to ten, it is very important for me to acknowledge that rating. It is very important for me to understand my limitations and then strive forward to make it wider or better. Being better is the only way to survive in this competitive world of online entrepreneurship. Those geniuses have it in them! Do you?

While some of us are gifted as mentioned earlier, those who are not should not worry too. We can always reach better & higher levels by mere determination, hard work, and willpower. If we need to make it big as an online entrepreneur or freelancer or freelance business owner, as they say, we need to be strong in our head, willful and determined to make constructive changes in ourselves and our lifestyle while holding on to our roots!

Those who succeed do this. Can you? Do you have it in you?

Do you have it in you to be a bright shining star in the vast sky of online business where there are thousands of other stars like you, also growing and striving to glow more than the previous second? Do you have that determination, dedication and resolve to make it big?

If you do, you are sure to reach the summit one day – sooner or later. If not, you are mistaken! All of us have it in us – many can see and others need someone to tell them. This is where I can help!

Hold my hand and together, we can reach where you want to. If you are serious to grow in your online business, I can help you with all the tools, tips and tricks that you would need to succeed. But I can help you only this much; it is you who will have to take the steps and walk the road I show you.

And this is true! You do have it in you. 
If it helps, say along with me – I HAVE IT IN ME & I WILL DO IT!

You have already put a step forward in the path, as you are here with me right now. If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to help you with whatever you are missing and make you cross the hurdles that you are facing right now. But you need to do your part as well and show that you have it in you! Never be short of enthusiasm, dedication, determination, and zeal to make it big.

This is all for today. I hope you liked today’s post. If you did, feel free to share it with people you think this might help. Also, visit my YouTube channel where the 16 Weeks Podcast Challenge is going on, where I talk about this same topic & content but in a different manner. I hope you like that and if you do, please Subscribe to that as well.

Thanks for being with me so far. I will be back next Saturday with the next post of this challenge. Till then, stay tuned and enjoy the festivities. And always keep your goals in the back of your mind and never let go of those. 

Let me ask again, Do You Have It In YOU?


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Look Back & Retrospect

Namaste friends and freelancers.

How have you been this week? I hope you had a great week and looking forward to an eventful weekend too. I am looking forward to it as well.

Here I am with the 3rd post in this 16 Weeks Blogging Challenge. If you have not read the last two posts yet, please feel free to scroll down and go through my blog. In this challenge, I am writing some motivational and informative articles for the online entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you are one, this post, this challenge and this entire blog is perfectly designed and dedicated to you. I hope you can find something to learn, while you are here.

In this post, I am going to talk about looking back or simply, retrospection. Today, I will urge you to look back over the last few years and remember the events of your life that have taken place during those years. These need not only be the special occurrences. Include everything that you can remember. If you can remember any of those events, take it for granted that that event is of some importance to you, in some way or the other. Look back, remember and try to re-live those moments.

Done? Not yet? Come on, you can do it. It is easy. Just sit back, take a deep breath, relax and try to recall all that you can. Take a few moments away – maybe you can pause reading my post and close your eyes and go back to those times and events for a couple of minutes, right now! Go for it!

What did you find? Did you smile or you became sad remembering them? Did those memories leave you in sorrow or did they make you happy, excited and feeling bright? Memories summon weird emotions in us.

Whatever the result was, the main outcome of this exercise is to revisit your own past and point out to the experiences and learnings that you have gained from them – good, bad or even ugly. You have lived your past all by yourself – no one else did and all that has happened, has happened to you. You were exposed to your life from the closest distance possible. You have seen it all; didn’t you? Yes!

These events and incidents have made you stronger, matured and experienced in many ways. You are today, wherever and whatever you are, as a result of a combination of all these experiences and exposures. It is the time that we acknowledge and appreciate them too.

Since we have learned so much from our own lives, we have grown to be unique and special in our own, at our own place, with our own limitations and virtues. These are what we can now implement in our lives and in our career as a freelancer or online entrepreneur. It is important for every one of us to look back at these memories once in a while, acknowledge them, appreciate them and be thankful to each of these events and incidences. Look back and retrospect – as often as you possibly can.

Be thankful for these all, for they have made & transformed you to whoever you are today. Now, it is time to implement those in your business and shine as an online entrepreneur!

It is time to say thanks for all that you have achieved in life and have gained during the journey so far. You might have covered a long distance all by yourself. But not anymore! In your journey from now on, I will be there with you and together, we will be reaching much newer, better and higher levels. Come, let’s join hands.

Retrospection is the key in our lives in more than one way. We need to look back, from time to time and go through the unique and wonderful experiences that we have fortunately gained in life. We need to be thankful for the good memories because they gave us opportunities to smile and laugh; and be grateful for the bad ones too, because those gave us the right lessons of life, which we could have not learned anywhere else. They both are special to us. Thank them!

Retrospection or looking back also enables us to go back and think of our roots – the place of origin – from where we have descended. We should never forget our roots, for that’s what is strong within us. Our roots and the experiences and lessons that we have learned from life make us what we are today. And if we have to fall back, we can only expect support from our roots. They will always be there to hold us up and provide us with answers to questions critical to our survival. And my friend, retrospection is the only way to remain in touch with our roots, our memories, and learning from life.

When you sit back, relax and think of your life so far, you will be able to recall events that happened and along with that, you will also know how those things happened. If there are certain things that you would want to evade in future, you would instantly know the things that you need to stop or avoid doing. Thomas Alva Edison failed numerous times before inventing the working light bulb. And when he looked back in retrospect, he could not see his failures; rather, he was quoted to say that he learned as many ways of how not to make a light bulb. That my friend is the power of retrospection.

And while creating your future and establishing yourself as a freelancer and an online entrepreneur, you will need to be in constant touch with your past as well. Your future is hidden in your past. And hence, retrospection is the key thing for us all. From time to time, we must revisit our past and pause to take a look back at where we came from and what all we learned during the journey, called life!

This is all for this week’s article. I hope you liked my perspective as well. Let me know if you did or even if you did not. I agree that everyone is not bound to think alike. And just because you are reading my blog, you are certainly not bound to nod your head in agreement with whatever I say. So, come on and write what you feel. You need not think of anything else while expressing yourself on this blog. It is all yours; absolutely made for you!

I will wait to hear from you. Thanks for reading me so far. I will be back next Saturday with another post where we will look inwards – inside us and ask, do we have it in us? Really?

Till then, have a safe time. Enjoy each moment and live happily.

Hope you are following the 16 Weeks Podcast Challenge on my YouTube Channel as well. That’s where I talk about the same topic in a different style altogether. Let me know which one you liked.


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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Let’s Learn and Grow Together

Namaste friends and freelancers,

This is the second post of the 16 weeks blogging challenge, where I am going to write and post one article every week on this blog. The challenge started last week and you can find the first post here.

I welcome you all to this brand-new challenge series. In this series, I am going to talk about you, your business, your success and everything you need to push yourself beyond that! I am basically going to write some motivational and informative posts that will surely help you in your freelancing journey, as we learn and grow together. Welcome to your journey to the beyond.

In this post, I am going to speak about a few things, like hard work, enlightenment, enthusiasm and beyond. If these make you smile and want to know more, then you are going to love this post.

Hard work is the way to go. And all of us have reached where we are today, working hard. There are no exceptions to this. We have been bold, brave and courageous in our own way up to now. We are appreciative for what we have achieved on the way and all that we have missed have been learnings for us. We were enlightened by our mistakes and wrong choices that we must have made earlier. We learned, we gained, we pained, we lost and we even won at times, in our journey so far. But we kept on moving ahead. We never let our enthusiasm decrease a bit. We climbed high hills, we swam across great lakes and walked passed hot deserts in the scorching Sun, but we never gave up. We kept going on and on and beyond. Isn’t it?

Congratulations to you my friend, for all that you have achieved! Now, the question is, are you ready to go beyond? Do you have it in you to reach for the stars and not be satisfied with whatever you have gained so far? If you do, this is the place where you need to be – The Indian Freelancer – where I strive to help you in your journey and together, we learn and grow – and build our own beyond. I am here to take you to the yonder valleys of success. Are you ready to come with me? If you are, you are welcome wholeheartedly!

Welcome to this corner of the multilateral and ever-evolving internet, where the endeavor is to reach newer heights and push you and your freelancing business to newer, better and higher levels. If you are in in the business of doing better in business, then you are at the right place. Come, let’s join hands and let me help you grow your entrepreneurial skills. Let me show you how to move forward, what to take along and what to leave behind. I will help you develop your vision for being a successful entrepreneur. I will help you reach newer heights in your entrepreneurial journey!

Here in this blog, I’m going to fill this place with resources and more resources that will help you cruise through your path to success. You will have access to a plethora of free resources that you may download. I have already created a few free resources which you can download right now and I am working to create much more. You can listen to the podcasts that I will post on a regular basis on my YouTube channel. You can even download those podcasts if you want to listen to them at a time of your convenience. You may also want to join me on Facebook and Twitter and discover all that I have to share. Discover tips, tricks and detailed guidelines on how to take your entrepreneurial business ahead and beyond.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Stop wasting time. Get back to work. NOW!

Namaste friends and freelancers,

Hope you are doing awesome! How’s life? Last few weeks have been testing me and pushing me to the limits. I am sure you have seen the course that was published on Udemy in mid-July and I have been talking about it in the last few posts as well. Now, last month was spent in learning the tips and tricks of the trade and know how to be successful in Udemy.

I am happy to say that I have learned a lot and I am almost ready to start working on my second course now. I will let you know once that is completed, uploaded and published on Udemy as well. And I will definitely share the knowledge that I am learning about online courses, Udemy, SkillShare and other platforms as well.

Friends, those of you who could not take my first course POWER Freelancing, on Productivity and Time management on Udemy, you can use this $10 Discount link [CLICK HERE]. Check it out. Go through the curriculum and the preview videos and if you think it will help you in managing your time and utilize your day in a more effective manner, please go ahead and take it up. And when you do, please do let me know how you liked it. Your honest reviews will help me go further in that domain, for sure.

So, let’s get back to today’s topic. I felt, even though I was tied up with a lot of things last few weeks, that I could have done better and wrote more for you guys here. But then, it never happened. I acknowledge that I have been wasting time and it is important that I stop wasting time NOW and get back to work! And here I am, with this post. I am getting back, my friends.

Now, you know it is not an easy thing to do. But then, we are not made for easy things, isn’t it? So, I have thought of an idea. An idea to come out of this drought and write more in the coming weeks. Let’s throw a challenge to the blogger in me and hope it comes out well.

A new challenge to challenge myself and ensure that I stick to it is here – Once a Week Posts!

Well, it may not sound much to you guys, but to start with, let us have it this way. This is a way to bring back some regularity in my life. I need that badly. And I am keeping a shorter and easily achievable target as when I achieve those, it will boost my confidence too.

So, here is the Challenge:Every Saturday, I will be writing one positive article on a positive thought that will help boost your freelancing mindset. Now, I am going to do this for next 4 months – yes, until the end of this year. Wish me luck and this post will mark the inauguration of this challenge.

Now, what are your takeaways from this post? Well, the first thing is that we need to stop wasting time. Time is priceless and once gone, it never comes back. You can see from my own life – the last month – I did toil a lot, doing a lot of things on Udemy, Fiverr projects, and promoting my Bengali YouTube Channel, Buddhir Dhenki throughout. We crossed the 5K Subscribers mark on that channel as well, last month. So, that is a win too.

But even after all these, I am sure that I could have pushed myself a little more and written at least one or two articles for you all here, but that was a miss. Now, when I look back, I can see that there were definitely opportunities which I could have taken, but somehow, I did not. And that is no good. So, this is the takeaway number one from this post, for you.

The second point that you can learn from this post is that this kind of misses or non-productive periods can come to anyone – it happened to me today, it can happen to anyone. So, if you see this happening to you – like if you have missed writing on your blog or posting a video on your YouTube channel or even updating on your Facebook page or on Instagram, do not get disappointed. It happens!

And when it happens, rather than getting disappointed, rise to the occasion, accept it and find a way to come out of it. That is the third takeaway from this post. How to come out of such an unwelcomed drought in your productivity?

One way is to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to come out any point where you are stuck for some time. And in the challenge, do not put goals that you cannot achieve. Set smaller goals and achieve shorter targets and get back on track as soon as you can. This will help you in getting the morale boost and motivation which will help you to go for much longer time in future. As a freelancer or an online entrepreneur, you cannot afford to remain unproductive for a long time.

So, here is a way to come out of long term droughts – challenge yourself with achievable goals and achieve those in time. Once you do achieve those small targets and come our triumphant in your challenge, you will be much stronger, better and super!

I will not write more on this today. I hope I could convey the message well. Do let me know in your comments.


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