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Namaste friends and freelancers,

Hope you are doing awesome! How’s life? Last few weeks have been testing me and pushing me to the limits. I am sure you have seen the course that was published on Udemy in mid-July and I have been talking about it in the last few posts as well. Now, last month was spent in learning the tips and tricks of the trade and know how to be successful in Udemy.

I am happy to say that I have learned a lot and I am almost ready to start working on my second course now. I will let you know once that is completed, uploaded and published on Udemy as well. And I will definitely share the knowledge that I am learning about online courses, Udemy, SkillShare and other platforms as well.

Friends, those of you who could not take my first course POWER Freelancing, on Productivity and Time management on Udemy, you can use this $10 Discount link [CLICK HERE]. Check it out. Go through the curriculum and the preview videos and if you think it will help you in managing your time and utilize your day in a more effective manner, please go ahead and take it up. And when you do, please do let me know how you liked it. Your honest reviews will help me go further in that domain, for sure.

So, let’s get back to today’s topic. I felt, even though I was tied up with a lot of things last few weeks, that I could have done better and wrote more for you guys here. But then, it never happened. I acknowledge that I have been wasting time and it is important that I stop wasting time NOW and get back to work! And here I am, with this post. I am getting back, my friends.

Now, you know it is not an easy thing to do. But then, we are not made for easy things, isn’t it? So, I have thought of an idea. An idea to come out of this drought and write more in the coming weeks. Let’s throw a challenge to the blogger in me and hope it comes out well.

A new challenge to challenge myself and ensure that I stick to it is here – Once a Week Posts!

Well, it may not sound much to you guys, but to start with, let us have it this way. This is a way to bring back some regularity in my life. I need that badly. And I am keeping a shorter and easily achievable target as when I achieve those, it will boost my confidence too.

So, here is the Challenge:Every Saturday, I will be writing one positive article on a positive thought that will help boost your freelancing mindset. Now, I am going to do this for next 4 months – yes, until the end of this year. Wish me luck and this post will mark the inauguration of this challenge.

Now, what are your takeaways from this post? Well, the first thing is that we need to stop wasting time. Time is priceless and once gone, it never comes back. You can see from my own life – the last month – I did toil a lot, doing a lot of things on Udemy, Fiverr projects, and promoting my Bengali YouTube Channel, Buddhir Dhenki throughout. We crossed the 5K Subscribers mark on that channel as well, last month. So, that is a win too.

But even after all these, I am sure that I could have pushed myself a little more and written at least one or two articles for you all here, but that was a miss. Now, when I look back, I can see that there were definitely opportunities which I could have taken, but somehow, I did not. And that is no good. So, this is the takeaway number one from this post, for you.

The second point that you can learn from this post is that this kind of misses or non-productive periods can come to anyone – it happened to me today, it can happen to anyone. So, if you see this happening to you – like if you have missed writing on your blog or posting a video on your YouTube channel or even updating on your Facebook page or on Instagram, do not get disappointed. It happens!

And when it happens, rather than getting disappointed, rise to the occasion, accept it and find a way to come out of it. That is the third takeaway from this post. How to come out of such an unwelcomed drought in your productivity?

One way is to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to come out any point where you are stuck for some time. And in the challenge, do not put goals that you cannot achieve. Set smaller goals and achieve shorter targets and get back on track as soon as you can. This will help you in getting the morale boost and motivation which will help you to go for much longer time in future. As a freelancer or an online entrepreneur, you cannot afford to remain unproductive for a long time.

So, here is a way to come out of long term droughts – challenge yourself with achievable goals and achieve those in time. Once you do achieve those small targets and come our triumphant in your challenge, you will be much stronger, better and super!

I will not write more on this today. I hope I could convey the message well. Do let me know in your comments.


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