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Namaste Freelancers and Friends,

How are you doing today? Hope you are having a good Sunday already. Enjoy the weekend.

So, while I was participating in the Daily Blogging Challenge, something happened on my YouTube channel as well. A new video was published day before yesterday!

Yes, finally the wheel is moving and I am so happy about it. Making a video has not been tough for me, but the kind I want for my YouTube Channel, The Indian Freelancer is not the usual one (that I publish on the Bengali YouTube Channel, Buddhir Dhenki). In here, I am trying to come in front of the camera and that is taking out the last drop of confidence from me. Yes, I agree that I am not very confident coming in front of the camera and talking to it. Well, not yet!

But I am trying! I am filming a few things here and there, but not very regularly – this is what I need to change. I need to go for the kill now and shoot to make a video, not only for time pass. This is when I thought that I should go on a shooting – editing – publishing spree soon. Like this Daily Blogging Challenge that I have thrown at myself, I want to start a daily vlogging challenge as well. I am not sure how it will be or how I will do that, but I might do it soon – very soon! I have got a good excuse to do so, as well.

I need motivation!

Well, talking about this video that I have posted, it contains the list of topics that I am planning to discuss on my blog as well as the YouTube channel. It tells you what you can expect to see on the channel as well as on the blog. While the blog has already started and is taking shape, the channel needs much more attention. I am preparing for this, and I hope to pick up the pace soon as well.

Here is the video for you to enjoy.

Do let me know how you felt, both here and on YouTube. I will wait to hear from you.

Cheers friends! Enjoy your Sunday!

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