Importance of a Daily Goal Sheet

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Daily Blogging Challenge! 
Here I am with a challenge of writing one post every day, until the end of this month. This is not for anyone else and obviously not taking part in any meme site or something like that – this challenge is only for me, to try and get back to my regular writing habit. These days, even though I have a lot of ideas to share with you all, I do not write. Something keeps pulling me back and I end up going to bed with one sad face on my daily goal sheet! I keep writing the same thing on the goal sheet, the next day again, and it goes on every day. So, today I have made up my mind: I’m not going to bed before I finish writing this important article for you all. And I am going to continue this every day, till this month ends and more!

Friends, as you might have understood by now, today’s post is going to be about the Goal Sheet – a To-Do-List that we must follow daily so that we can manage the time we have in a day and utilize the day more effectively.

We have only 24 hours in a day and in that we have to sleep for 7-8 hours, which leaves us with about 16 hours time. In those 16 hours, we spend about 4 hours in getting ready, using the bathroom and eating meals. From the rest of 12 hours, we spend about 2-3 hours in communicating and moving from place to place. Hence, you can calculate that we are, after deducting everything I mentioned above, actually having 9-10 hours a day to work. This is not even 50% of the total time we have in a day. This is the reason we need to effectively use this time and manage it efficiently. As a freelancer, it is of much more importance that we use every minute of the day to our benefit. We cannot increase this time without harming our health and personal life/interactions with friends and family.
However, there are ways that we can multiple this time many folds, but that is out of scope for this discussion - we will discuss it some other time!

Creating a daily goal sheet helps in managing this time effectively. How you ask! I will tell you how.

A goal sheet is a normal list where you have written down your goals with a measurable deadline. You take out the list periodically at every milestone and track the progress. Based on this, you may accelerate or decelerate the pace at which you are spending the 10 hours you have, in a day, to work and earn money. As you complete one task or reach one milestone, you strike if off the list. That’s all about it. Isn’t it simple? YES!!

Many of us know about making this goal sheet but do not use it effectively, as it is overwhelming to follow regularly. The secret is that it is NOT! It is just another good habit that we need to inculcate in the course of time.

Practice & Practice!

Write down your daily goals in a small piece of paper or your computer (I use Microsoft OneNote which came along with Microsoft Office Suite). You can either make this list as the first task when you wake up in the morning or just before you go to bed – for the next day. Any of the two will work. Do whichever suits you best – but do it!

When you strike out each of the tasks as you complete them and move to the next, there is a sense of achievement which works like a miracle! Our subconscious mind says that we have achieved something today and motivates us to hop on to the next thing and complete it asap! Thus, we remain satisfied when we work and we also run through the day fixing one thing after another, and we tend to complete more in that stipulated time. Our productivity increases!

We will obviously talk about building & maintaining a daily goal sheet and how to write that in details. But till then, just make a list every day and try to complete the tasks – one by one.

Let’s do it for a couple of weeks and follow it religiously. Once this is done, we will get back to this topic again and do an in-depth analysis of what we achieved! This is how we will grow - TOGETHER!


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