Freelancing Mantra: Power of Starting NOW

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Daily Blogging Challenge: Day 4.
Today’s topic is a very important one which has a lot of impact on our lives, whether we are freelancers or not. many of the things that I write here are equally important for someone who is not a freelancer by profession. And this is why I think that this blog needs to be read by both the groups and I am sure both will have a lot to learn from it. Let’s start talking about it – NOW!

NOW is the time to do things that we have delegated and procrastinated and postponed for I-don’t-know-how-long. There’s no better time to start than NOW! There are a lot of events when we find ourselves finding the right time to do something. “Should I do it tomorrow?” “Should I do it day after?” We keep swinging from one thought to another and from one answer to another, and at the end of the day, we find ourselves hanging at nowhere!

The right answer to these questions is to do it NOW! There is nothing called a ‘right time,’ and it is an absolute myth. The right time to do something is now, at this very present moment. When it comes to something that needs our attention right away, based on priorities, do we think twice and delay that? I don’t think we do. This is how we need to prioritize things that are important to us and try to start right NOW!
Do Today What Can Be Done Tomorrow
The above is a very famous saying and all of us must have heard it once in our lifetimes. Our parents, grandparents, teachers or someone from the family must have told this to us some time or the other when they saw us wasting time, isn’t it? This is what they meant when they were saying this to us. Do it today! Do it now!

Now, there’s a good book by Eckhart Tolle, titled, “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” which has described how powerful this present moment is and why it is absolutely necessary to be at present – and not worry about our past or speculate about the future. We cannot do anything about the past as it is all gone – we can just sit back and either rejoice or repent, based on what we did way back then! And for the future? It is nothing but a mere conjecture and we do not have time for it. We have not seen the future – no one did; hence, we do not know what is in stock for us in the future. There is absolutely no point in wasting time on that! You can get this book on Amazon (, in India and elsewhere also, I am sure. Do read it if you get some time.

So, this is it for Day 4. Do write to me and tell me how you feel about these short snippet articles that I am writing every day these days. Tell me whether you liked them or disliked them and how if, I can improve.

Thanks a lot for reading me out here. The message from this article is to utilize the time and value the present. I am sure you now understand that the secret is hidden in this present moment. If you do it now, you will be happier the next moment.

Tell me what is that one thing that you are delaying for so long and are failing to get started? Blogging? Entrepreneurship? Reading a book? A trip to your favorite holiday destination? What is it that you wanted to do and could not take even a step towards achieving it? Think about it!

Take that first step NOW!

I am sure you will be happier than ever when you fix on that one thing that you have always procrastinated and have taken a step right now (after reading this post) towards realizing it. I REALLY MEAN NOW!! C’mon, I am sure you can do it. Take that first step now, and start off! Let me know how you felt after that.

I will be back tomorrow with the post of Day 5. Hope to get something more exciting to you tomorrow.

Cheers Friends!

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