Top 3 Freelancing Sites I like – Part 1

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Today, I am going to talk about the top three freelancing sites that I like. I have had accounts on various freelancing sites and have worked extensively on those, but at present these three top freelancing sites are the ones whom I can recommend to any freelancer who is just starting their journey and wants to take up freelancing as a career option. I will tell you what these sites are and how they are different from each other. I will also tell you they key features that these sites have, which attracts more buyers and sellers (sellers are freelancers, who sell their services or products, and buyers are those people who pay for or buy those services). At the end, I will recommend one site, of these three top freelancing sites, for the absolute newcomer.

Before getting into the main part, let me tell you that this is not an affiliated post and I am going to tell you exactly what I feel about the top 3 freelancing sites I am going to mention here. So, the recommendations are based on my own experience working with these sites. I am putting these things together here because I am sure it is going to help those who are trying to fix their feet in this world of freelancing. If you found this while searching the internet for such a tip, I am sure you will find this very informative and helpful.

I will be talking about each of these sites (and a few others) in great detail later, on this blog and my YouTube Channel as well, but in this particular post I just want to just introduce you to these top 3 freelancing sites and leave you with some basic knowledge and guidance about them, which will provide you with a launchpad from where you can kick-start your research and move on with the one you like. Let’s start then.

The first site that I will talk about is This is the first site I signed up with, almost a decade ago! Though it fetched me the first few dollars I earned online, it did not raise as much revenue as I would have like it to. Nevertheless, is one of the top 3 freelancing sites I would recommend to a newbie who wants to take up freelancing as a career in India. The site is simple and straight forward. You can both buy and sell from one ID or account.

To start with, you can register with your email ID. It is important that you fill up your profile as much as possible. You can enrich your profile further by taking various examinations, that are mostly paid. These are good ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise on the skills that you want to showcase. You can have both hourly and fixed-priced projects on You will have to bid for each of the projects that the potential buyer posts on the site and if you win the bid, you will be awarded that project. Buyers may also contact you directly and offer you a job, based on their requirement.

The bidding system of is unique and is in many ways better than other freelancing sites. They're ways of highlighting your bid by paying a dollar or so extra. In here, you can enjoy their own Escrow system where you can be sure to be paid once you complete your job successfully. There is also a milestone system, where you break the entire project into smaller chunks and ask the buyer to release the money as and when these milestones are reached. This is a super idea & a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. I would highly recommend you to register with and start to find your feet. It is a nice place to be as a freelancer and one of the top 3 freelancing sites that I like to work on.

NOTE: This is the end of Part 1 of the post. We will look into the other two of the top 3 freelancing sites in the next part.


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