My Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

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How have you been? It is that time of the year when we look back at the year that has passed and we look forward to the year that is knocking at the door. 2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is a day away! What do you do at this point in time? Well, most of us make new year’s resolutions. Don’t we?

Have you made your new year’s resolution yet? What are they? Do write in your comments. I would love to read them, seriously.

Now, I have also made some resolutions for 2018 and I am going to get these done this time. In this post today, I am going to talk about my Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for the year 2018 and I hope you can get inspired by this list and make some of your own if you have not done so yet.

New Year's resolutions are actually the most notorious ones as historically, it is proved that we cannot or do not achieve most of what we resolute to accomplish. The real reason behind that is most of our resolutions or goals for the coming year, are not SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic & Time-Bound. I am going to write the resolutions here so that they become SMART – well, I will give my best!

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Before starting the list, you need to understand that these goals or resolutions are taken as a freelancer and these are not necessarily going to be personal. These are for my business and are hence skewed towards growth and success in freelancing or my online entrepreneurship.

With that in the back of your mind, let’s start the list, this time in proper order.

#1. Fix the Sources of Income

I am going to fix the Seven Sources of Income and work ONLY towards earning from those. There can be addition or deletion of one or two in the process, but there would be minimum seven sources of income on which I will be concentrating on, this year. I will make a list of these sources of earning money online and put in right effort to boost each one of them, actively. This should be done by the first week of January.

#2. Concentrate on Passive Sources of Income

The sources of income as listed earlier would be a mix of active and passive sources. However, the focus would be on developing the passive sources more than the active sources. When I talk about passive sources, I have my blogs, YouTube channels, online courses, eBooks and affiliate marketing, in mind. The last one is something I want to learn and devote more time to. I am quite hopeful that by the end of the first half of the year, I will be in a good place with multiple products on each of the passive working heads (eBooks, Online Courses etc.) and regular updates on the systematic ones (Blogs & YouTube Channels).

#3. Make a Routine

I will make a weekly routine where I will designate days and time of the week in handling various things – like which blog post to write and publish on which day etc. I need this routine to accommodate everything that I do and not miss on anything as I pass the days in the coming year. Now, this routine should be ready and in place by the end of January. I will surely create this and share with you all. The importance of having a weekly routine is huge! I am sure you would already know about it.

#4. Collaborate

In 2018, I will look to collaborate with other freelancers or entrepreneurs in the business – like bloggers and YouTubers. I have learned lately that the power of collaboration is immense in a life of a freelancer. We spend most of our time working alone or in a silo, as they say in the corporate language. But I know now that innovative and strategic collaboration can bring in more profits to your business online or even offline, for that matter. So, I look to work on at least 5 collaboration projects in the coming year.

#5. Stop Procrastinating

I will not push the work to tomorrow! No more procrastinating. Well, I clearly understand that it is not possible every time to finish everything on your plate before you close the shutters for the day, but then it is very important to prioritize your work and get through what you have to do in quick time. I have talked about exactly this in my first Online Course, POWER Freelancing. You can access those here:
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#6. Learn a new Tech Skill

I am going to learn one new tech skill in this year. At least one and the top one on my list right now is Game Development with Unity. I really love this world of gaming and game development and mobile tech is something I am trying to lay my hands on for a long time. I guess Unity will help me in realizing my dreams. This year, 2018 is going to be the year of Unity. I should be able to create a full-fledged game by the half-year mark and another one by the year-end. That makes two games in the next year.

#7. Learn Piano

Well, you must be wondering how this resolution can have a place on this list where I mentioned specifically that I am going to talk about my freelancing goals. The thing is, I look at this as a source of de-stressing yourself and unwind. Music is the love of my life and it has always been. I have a Yamaha Portable Keyboard with me since like more than a decade and I have not learned much yet. This year, I am going to put enough effort into learning the keyboard as well.

#8. Read More Books

Well, reading books is the thing that every freelancer should do – irrespective of the level in which he is at present or the income. Books are the best friends of every freelancer. I have been providing links to a lot of books in this post which you can check and get the ones you want to read, or you can start with the ones you already have, but do read – as much as possible. Here is a small list of top 5 books that I want to read in 2018. I have already bought a few of them and I will read those first. Check these out on and based on your intentions, take your pick:

#9. Get in Shape

This is something I must do in 2018. I must get in proper shape – both physically and mentally. With time passing by and getting added to the age column on my resume, I guess it is high time that I focus on mental and physical health. For physical health, I am looking to go for some free-hand exercises, which I learned from YouTube and also, a little bit of Yogasana. And for mental health, I am concentrating on Meditation. Meditation is the way forward. And I am going to do these irrespective of my professional growth as an online entrepreneurship.

#10. Reduce Stress

The last thing that gets a place in my top 10 New Year’s Resolutions list is my motion towards reducing overall stress. I need to conquer my worries as you all need to do and as Dale Carnegie says, learn how to stop worrying and start living. This is another primary goal for 2018.

What do you think? Will I be able to achieve all of these in 2018? Well, I do not know myself but one thing that I know is that I will definitely give my best shot at these. Remember, these are only the top 10 new year’s resolutions and not all that I have. I will save the rest to discuss in details in my next posts and videos on YouTube.  

Do write to me and let me know how you liked this post. You can very well use the comment section below to do so as well. This post is going to be the last for the year 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading my articles as much as I did writing them. I will bring to you more such informative, inspiring and motivating articles in 2018 – that goes without saying, is my biggest new year’s resolution.

Happy New Year wishes to all of you out there. 
All the best for 2018!


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