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Namaste friends and freelancers!

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2018. Yes, the year 2017 has come to an end and shortly we are moving on to 2018 – the new year – the year that counts! I wish you have a great year too and may you get all that you deserve, in 2018.

The holiday season is going on and we always find ourselves looking for new gifting ideas. Gadgets are something that we love to buy and gift too. When someone gets a gadget as a gift, the happiness of receiving a gift increases by many folds. This is why, I am here today with gift ideas for this holiday season and yes, all the items that I am going to share here are electronic gadgets which will be loved by the receiver. 

It doesn’t stop there. If you want to gift yourself and pamper yourself on reaching some milestone in your business or anywhere in life, these can be perfect for you too. Easy picks, I would say – where you do not have to think much before gifting any of these to yourself. Get to the end of the list for some amazing products which are comparatively new in the Indian market, but are mind-blowing concepts.

And the best part about all these gadgets is that they all cost less than ₹1000 at present. So, these gifts are not going to hurt your budget as well. So, let’s look into the list that I have prepared after researching on The links here are my affiliate links, so feel free to click on these to make your purchase. It will help my blog and the cause too.

Note: The items are not listed in any specific order. Please ensure you read the reviews and Q&A on before you purchase. The decision is entirely your own!

#1. Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser is a reputed brand and is one of the bests when it comes to audio output quality from any of its devices. I have been using Sennheiser headphones for a long time and the current one that I am wearing while writing this post is also from Sennheiser. Sennheiser HD 180 is an over the ear headphone which will cover your ears and detach you from the surroundings. It has good noise cancellation. You can connect this and use it along with your desktop, laptop, tablets and even mobile phones using its 3.5mm connector. It is an entry level headphone and it will surely meet your needs if you are looking for something fabulous while it is cheap as well. Perfect for a branded gift! 

Check it out and write your comments if you liked or even purchased these Sennheiser headphones.
Second on my list are these Waterproof Bluetooth speakers. These are small Bluetooth connected speakers which you can carry as you move. This will be perfect for those who want to play music on the go from their mobile phones or laptops while connecting it to the speakers through Bluetooth. These are very small speakers as you can see in the images on Amazon. The highlight of this product is being waterproof and hence, you can take it along with you into the shower as well. It is something weird to our parents for sure, but for the music freak, this product can be mind-blowing! And if you have a phone (Samsung phones normally have this technology inbuilt) with NFC (or Near Field Communication) feature, you can use this speaker too, to connect wirelessly. 

I am sure this is a love at first sight gadget to be gifted to someone you know will use it to the fullest. Check it out NOW!
High-speed data transfer through USB 3.0 and you can use it as an OTG as well. Isn’t that a charm for someone using pen drives to take movies from the computer and connect that to the TV to watch them? Or even use it as an On-The-Go (or OTG) USB drive? The 32 GB storage makes it a great travel companion. Let me tell you this will work awesome for anyone who likes to carry entertainment data with him or her and use that along with mobile gadgets all the time. 

SanDisk is a renowned brand and everyone loves their products. There are over 1500 reviews of this item on Amazon as well. Feel free to check those before you buy this product.
Thousands of people have bought this power bank and have reviewed it on Amazon. It is a 10 thousand mili-ampere-hour power bank which is big enough to charge a 3000mAH mobile battery which is the average capacity of today’s mobile phones. In short, much more than enough. 

The price of this gadget is also less than ₹1000 and it makes a perfect gift for someone who is always on the phone. Can you think of any of your friends who is engulfed in his or her mobile phone 24/7? Well, this could be the best gift for such souls. Just imagine the smile on the face when this power bank will be received as a gift! Impeccable!

Ambrane 10,000 mAH Powerbank

Next in the list is another headphone, but this time it is the In-Ear type, where there are earbuds that go inside your ear and brings in effective noise cancellation. I am sure you have used this kind of earphones earlier as well, as most of the mobile phones used to give one like these as an added accessory. Now, they have stopped for some unknown reasons – or maybe showing cost-cutting as an excuse.

Anyways, this is one of the most used earphones on Amazon. You can see the number of reviews it has! A high number of reviews with high rating makes it the perfect choice for a gift in this holiday season. You can also take advantage of the 1000+ Questions answered by the buyers and sellers, before making your choice.
Well, everyone knows about JioFi device – don’t you? I am sure you do or at least, you have heard about it. Since Jio is most favorite among Indian customers, at least the rural population, JioFi is also making its mark in the market. It is nothing but a 4G internet hotspot that lets you connect multiple devices and enjoy 4G speed internet through local Wi-Fi. Using this device you can connect your 2G or 3G smartphones and enjoy 4G speeds on them as well. 

So, if you know someone who is staying in rural India or places where broadband is not available or they do not have a 4G phone with them, then this device would be very handy, I am sure. Check out the specifications and reviews before ordering. It is currently marked as Amazon Choice on their website.
Here are one more Bluetooth speakers, but it is not the same as others too. Zoook, a comparatively new brand in the Indian market has made his presence felt with these low-budget but absolute awesome sound producing speakers. Even though it is a Bluetooth speaker, you can still connect a USB drive or an SD Card and even aux cable to play music on it. This makes this speaker set different and most wanted too.

Zoook is a craze in the new Indian market and buyers are talking high about their products. Take a look at the other products that they have as well; however, only this one that I list here is below ₹1000, with all the features in it. Perfect for a gift this holiday season.
If you thought that this list has only headphones and speakers in it and nothing else, well think again. Here I am with the in the thing, in this holiday season – Virtual Reality headsets. The ANT VR Headset is a craze among the new age mobile gamers and entertainment seekers who rely on Virtual Reality based products. It is compatible with most mobile phones in the market and can support phones with screen sizes from 4.5 to 6 inches as well. If you use reading glasses and need them while viewing games and videos on your phone, you can get this too. ANT VR Headset can be used along with your regular reading glasses as well. So, no worries on that front.

This could be a very different gift that one might have received and this too, is for less than ₹1000 – it is must have! If you want to get this for yourself or for someone who you think can use this item well, then it is all yours. Let me know if you in your comments if you actually bought this product and for whom.

#9. Clip-On Lens For Mobile Camera

Victsing 3 In 1 Clip-On Lens Kit For Mobile Camera, 180 Degree Fisheye Lens,10X Macro Lens, 0.65X Wide Angle Lens

Well, on the list next is something which is very new in the Indian market and is already available on for purchase. A clip-on lens for your mobile phone. Yes! Now, you can actually shoot wide angle pictures or videos on your very own mobile phone using this add-on lens which you can easily mount on your mobile phone using the clip that it has. Just put the clip on to fix it properly on your mobile phone, align the fisheye lens with the camera lens of your phone and you are ready to shoot awesome DSLR like images. 

Isn’t this cool enough? Cool for you? Do you think you can make good use of this product? Or you have someone in mind who you think can make better use of this gadget? Do write your comments and let me know.

Clip-On Lens

Let’s move on to the last electronic gadget for less than ₹1000, that I have for you today.
Now, this is a product that I find very useful for all the various kinds of devices that I have and use on a regular basis. It is a 4 in 1 On-The-Go Card Reader. If we say it is a mere card reader, then it will not do proper justice. It is a little more than that, of course. This device lets you connect various products and transfer your data from one to the other. The full name of this device as listed on is “Mobizmo 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader Four ports: lightning + Type C + Micro USB + USB Card reader - Like Iflash, Idisk for iPhone, iPad, Micro USB, SDHC lightning flash drive.” This device has four connectivity options - Lightning connector is for iOS devices; Micro USB connector is for Android devices; USB connector is for computers/Macs; Type-C connector is for Type-C devices. This is the feature that makes it different from the rest of the lot.

Also, it is compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets and you can obviously use it with your computer. So, this makes a perfect piece of the puzzle for those, who switch between various devices and need to transfer data from one another very frequently. I find this very useful; how about you? Take a look.

4 In 1 - OTG USB Card Reader

Now, this brings us to the end of this list of Top 10 gadgets under ₹1000 available on which can be perfect for gifting to your near and dear ones, in this holiday season. Please do let me know in your comments how you liked it.

My research was confined to as I get the best products there and I buy almost everything online from Amazon. You may find these items on other websites as well if you want to compare. You are obviously free to do so. I will be probably making a video on this topic and if I do so, I will post it here in this space. So, keep an eye here and my YouTube channel as well.

With this, let me wish you again and pray that we all move into 2018 with a happy heart and soul. 2018 will be the year to conquer. All the best for your business. Thanks for reading. 

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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