How to Earn on SkillShare?

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A millionaire in today’s world has 7 sources of income. At least 7 sources of income. How many do you have?

Well, this question is not to demotivate you from anything that you are doing. I started my previous post with the same sentence and here I am with it again. Why?

That’s because I want to tell you that we need to diversify and try out different modes or sources which we can earn from. I want you to concentrate on passive sources of income as well, along with the active sources that you are busy with. And today, in that quest, I am here with one more avenue – SkillShare.

Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class.

This is what they have written on their website, about themselves. This is quite commendable. To add to this, they have the support of the statistics as well. As per the numbers on their website, Skillshare has more than 3 Million students with them who can access over 18,000 classes. An online course in Skillshare is called a class and individual video lectures are called lessons. So, what you can enroll to is a class and you will have multiple lessons in each class. The numbers clearly show that SkillShare is big enough to be not ignored. This is why I am trying to feature this on the blog.

The number of classes on SkillShare is seriously increasing every day and more and more online course instructors are registering as teachers on SkillShare. And those who are selling their courses on SkillShare are earning money as well – in more amounts than that you can actually think of.

Currently, as per their website, they have paid over M$5 to their teachers, cumulative! That’s 5 Million US Dollars! And that’s a big number, guys. Don’t you want to get a piece of that pie? Well, I am not too sure about what you want, but I certainly do want to try it out and hence, I have dipped my toe to taste the waters before I jump in full-fledged. How? I will tell you…

You already know about my Course on Udemy on Productivity and Time Management. I have had the same course uploaded and published on SkillShare as well – almost the same time when I published it on Udemy. You can check it out using the following links:
Udemy ($10 Coupon Code Added): 
Freelancing Masterclass: POWER Freelancing

Skillshare (Join using this link and get 2 months FREE Subscription): 
POWER Freelancing - Productivity Hacks and Time Management System for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

I just published that course on SkillShare and didn’t do much, apart from sharing it with my friends and family over Facebook. I have actually got a few payments from SkillShare since then and that’s awesome, I think. THANK YOU SKILLSHARE.

Now, I want to dip my toe some more and try it out more passionately. This is the message I have in this post for you as well. Check it out and if you think it matches with what you want to do, hop on the bus and let’s take the ride together.

Yesterday, I have published my second course on SkillShare, which is on the same topic: How to Start on SkillShare as a Teacher or Instructor of Online Courses. Please feel free to click on the link and check that out as well. I am sure you will get a lot of ideas about how to go about it. And then, there is this element of earning through SkillShare as well. You can alternatively use these links:

I have tried to talk about how you can get ready for that short crash course. It is fast and concise. I have tried to quickly go through the initial concepts that you might need to get started. So, check it out on SkillShare. If not, you can also find the content on my YouTube channel, which is also FREE to ACCESS. Here is an embedded link to that course.

I hope you liked the concept of SkillShare and you will also get inspired to start on your own. If you do, please use this link below to register and you can avail 2 months of FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.


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