PLR And White Label Licensing for Courses

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How have you been? I hope you are doing good. I just published a photo on my Instagram and on my Facebook Page as well, which says that an average millionaire has 7 sources of income. How many do you have? Think about it! I will be doing one video soon on various income sources – both active and passive that one can do as an Indian freelancer, or as an online freelancer in India. Do check out my YouTube channel for that.

Today, in this post, I am actually going to talk on this very topic. I have recently found another passive source of income which one can use to earn some extra bucks from wherever he is – be it in India or in some other country. What is it?

This time I am not talking about creating courses on Udemy or some other online course marketplace. But I am talking about reselling Udemy courses. Reselling Udemy courses which are offered as PLR Courses. You can sell these courses as your own. Really, you are reading right! This post is dedicated to that. Interesting? So, let’s get going.

Before I told you, did you know that you can not only buy online courses as a student but also to resell them as your own? Some instructors offer PLR courses that they license to other online marketers to resell and keep 100% revenue. PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

The way PLR works is after you buy/license the courses, you get the online course content to upload to your website or to be hosted on Teachable or Thinkfic. Once you’ve uploaded the course content, you are able to sell the courses to other people online. Under the PLR licensing, the reseller usually keeps 100% of the revenue they generate for the lifetime of the course.

This is better than selling courses as an affiliate because as an affiliate, you only keep 40% of your revenue, and you are stuck with the Udemy $10 course price model. But if you sell courses from your website, you can sell courses for much higher prices and keep 100% of the revenue.

Also, if you license the courses, you don’t have to spend time creating the courses. Some people take weeks or months creating courses, and you can get the course to resell the very same day after you buy it.

So, what do you think? Did you like the idea? Do let me know in your comments. If you have experienced selling PLR Courses, do let me and all my readers know. I would be all ears.


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