POWER Freelancing - Course on Udemy

Namaste Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to bring to you my first ever online course on Udemy! 

Freelancing Masterclass: POWER Freelancing

I have been working on this course for almost a month and I am so glad that I could finish it within the deadline that was set for it. In this journey, I have met a few wonderful people on Udemy who have helped me a lot in bringing this up. Most of them are added to my friend's list already.

The support I got from Maitri Majumder is also immense! She had to manage both her office and household chores and let me concentrate on the Course Creation alone. This was fabulous! 💖

My little one, Tathagata, also deserves an applaud for his cute interventions and questions, like, "বাবী, কি করছো?" (What are you doing?) and watching me make the animations and sync the audio (was an awesome time spent together too). 💖💖

My earnest gratitude to all my friends and well wishers as well, without whose support (direct and indirect) and best wishes, I could not have got this done, I know. So, thanks a lot guys!

There's a small gift for all of you :)
Here is a FREE COUPON to Access my Course on Udemy. For the First 100 enrollments, using this coupon, the course would be FREE. So, Hurry Up!!

Please utilize this coupon and take up the course if this interests you. This is a general course on Freelancing technique which can help anyone who is looking to start the freelancing journey or even getting ready for a supplementary online career. Even if you are not an online entrepreneur, the concepts I have talked about in this course will certainly help you in being more productive and effective in whatever you are doing. Check the Course Landing Page for the detailed description.

Now, once you have taken the course, ensure that you write a review at the end of the course on Udemy and also let me know personally how you felt about the course, in general. These reviews of yours will help me a lot in my journey as an online coach.

Thanks again for all that! I hope you like the course. I will look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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The Indian Freelancer
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  1. Hehe... It is now available for discounted price. Check the YouTube videos - there are links to the course.


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