First Week on Udemy - Part 1/3

Namaste friends, how have you been?

I’m just fine – fantastic, actually. Feeling so relaxed these days! Creating this course and publishing it took a lot in the last one month, I must agree. And finally, now that it is completed and live on Udemy, I am feeling a bit relaxed. It feels like “the-monkey-off-my-shoulders” at last. But no, that did not make me satisfied and contended a bit as I know that this is just a beginning and I need to make more such courses in the future too. There’s a lot that I have to give away. And this is just one of them.

I completed creating my first course on freelancing technique on July 17th, when I uploaded and submitted to Udemy for review. They were really fast and they reviewed it and made it live intime before the deadline of July 18th, which they set for their #SpringChallenge. I could successfully qualify for the #NewcomerChallenge as well, as I finished publishing my course within the first 30 days of joining Udemy as an instructor. Those challenges were needed to motivate me initially and they did. Yes, that gave some satisfaction as well.

A week has passed since then. The course was submitted for review on last Monday and today is another one. In the last one week, after submitting the course, I have done a lot of things and have learnt a lot too, which I am going to share in this post. So, stay focused and keep reading.

But, before moving any further let me tell you that I am not going to tell anything about “How to make quick sales” on Udemy here for two main reasons.
1.    I have not made any profitable sales yet (that means, I have not earnt anything from Udemy yet).
2.    I am yet to figure out any solid plan which I can follow to earn and earn handsomely on Udemy. You guys will be the first ones to know when I do so.

So, what am I going to talk about in this post? Well, I am just going to tell about a few things that I did and my experience in the last one week. Let’s keep it short, simple and start right now!

The first thing that I did was to join a couple of groups on Facebook which helps the Udemy instructors with tips and tricks. I must say that I have learnt a great deal from both the official and unofficial groups of Udemy that are there on Facebook. There are really helpful people out there who will not only answer your queries but also review the quality of your production and suggest you with enhancements and improvements when asked properly. These are the real-life instructors who have ‘been-there’ and ‘done-that’ and have accumulated oceans of knowledge. And as oceans are, they are not worried to share that knowledge that they have with even an absolute newcomer. This helped me a lot in knowing what to do next and what not to. I listened to what they had to say and then experimented a few things as well. While a few of those went right, others failed too.

In the process, a few of us made a Facebook group specifically for the Indian instructors. There was a lot of engagement in that group for the initial few days, which has dropped drastically now. But, I got a few good friends from there as well. We are also still in the group and together – helping each other with whatever we can – and sharing the knowledge we gained. So, overall a success!

The other big thing that I did was to find out how to make coupons on Udemy. Once I found that I created 100 Free Coupons and shared them with my close groups of people, on my Facebook page and timeline and also here in the blog and on WhatsApp. I must say, I got a huge applause from all over. (Thank You). But then, not many enrolled to the course. Among those who enrolled, only a few completed the course. And among those who completed, only 4 wrote reviews (till now).

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