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While one or two people did respond in the poll in favor of giving away free coupons, most were against it. I kind of agreed to these reasons or outcomes that they mentioned. But one cannot deny the amount of social proof or maybe the happiness that the instructor gets from this exercise. Right now, my course analytics say that I have got 1101 students from 97 countries who have enrolled in my course (check the image in the previous post). I would like to tell myself (silently) that they enrolled because this is an AWESOME course and they would all benefit from this a lot if they actually take the course. The latter although is as true as it can get!

However, none of these 1101 enrollments earned me any money as all of these used the Coupons I shared. And one lone guy was given the course by Udemy for free as part of their “Early Access” BETA feature. Having said so, I have got a couple of really resourceful feedbacks which will definitely help me while creating the next courses on Udemy. I am greatly thankful to all those people who did the review on Udemy and also tell me personally about what they thought and how I could have done better. I will obviously do better in the future courses. A couple of these new friends (and instructors on Udemy) even talked with me on phone and skype and we had long and deep discussions on the course and future planning. I just came out of one such Skype call just now. Those were awesome. Thanks, guys!

Well, this is all about it. And before I close this topic, I have to mention two more things that I did. I guess these are crucial too and will help in the long run.

Firstly, I learnt how to create and send announcements to the students enrolled in the course from within the Instructor Dashboard. This is an awesome feature that Udemy has and no one else, as I hear. This helped me in reaching out to all the enrolled students in one shot and telling them what I feel. It is not a joke. This is where I feel that the free coupons were not that bad, after all. I have sent 3 announcements out of 4 that are allowed per month. One more will go out by the end of this week, before July ends.

Secondly, I took the preview lectures from my course and uploaded them to my channel on YouTube. I have also added a Discount Link in the description of each of those videos and added a call to action at the end-screen which asks the viewer to take the course. I think this is definitely work in the long run. Let’s wait and see.

I am very excited about this first course on Udemy and I hope you are too because this is something that everyone who works can learn, practice and incorporate in the daily workday. I will discuss more on POWER Freelancing, the topic of this course here in the blog in my future posts. If you would want to take that course now or want to check it out, please use this discount coupon and enroll to the entire course for just $10. Hope this helps!

Here is the link to my course along with the $10 promo code:

You may also visit Udemy and apply promo code while taking the course. You may use this Promo Code: POWER10

Hope you liked reading about the first week after publishing my first course on Udemy. I will write about how I actually created this course in another post, soon. I will talk about Udemy with details and also write about my next days with Udemy. So, stay tuned and connected.

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