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I cannot stress much on the importance of these reviews to everyone I talk to, but people seem to turn a deaf ear to that. So, for the second time in a period of about two months, I realized that one cannot expect their close circle of friends and/or relatives to (firstly) understand their online activities and (secondly) to participate in those and support. It happened with my eBook promotion and then with this course launch promotion as well. It is very hard to convince someone to write an honest review on your digital product even when you give it away for free!

But that is totally understandable. In India, nobody is bothered about you until you hit the Gold medal. It is very easy to get likes, shares, and comments if you publish a funny video on social media but everyone will aptly manage to avoid anything that you have shared that help you strengthen your online business. This is the present condition of social interaction on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter here. Anyways! Let’s see how things change when I do hit that - GOLD!

Anyways, I had about 50 enrollments by then. So, the next thing that I did was to join some BIG Facebook groups where you can share your Udemy Coupons. I shared my coupon and all the rest ones were consumed in about 15 minutes! I was overwhelmed! So, I created one more coupon with 1000 free giveaways, that night and shared in those groups. That was the Friday night. Early morning, when I woke up to go for cricket, I saw only 200 coupons were left! By the time I came back from cricket, all those 200 were also gone! 1100 coupons were consumed in about a day and a half – 1000 of them within 15 hours.

Just these numbers should tell you that this was not such a good idea to give away so many coupons, that I would repeat it again. I thought it was OK as a few groups only accept the free coupon when you have at least 500 of them available! I was very happy until I saw that not a single one completed the course and reviewed it till that night. This is when I went back to my reliable Facebook groups and asked for their opinion.

To my utter surprise and disappointment, almost everyone said that it is not a good idea to share free coupons of Udemy courses with these groups. The main reasons that were provided by the groups are:
1.    Guys who get the coupons for free never take up the course completely.
2.    Even if they take the course, they do not finish it as most of them do not enroll because they wanted to – they enroll just for the sake of it.
3.    With so many enrollments and zero or very few reviews, the engagement quotient goes down and that course rank lower on Udemy. Hence, bad for probable future sales.
4.    And even when these free guys review, they do not understand the content as they cannot relate to it and often review lower than the course deserves – or just a general 4 stars or 3 stars review.

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