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Namaste friends and freelancers!

How have you been? Today I am going to talk about a very different topic. It is going to be more of talking to myself in introspection. I would also let you judge and tell me what you feel. It would be a nice thing if you can help me take this decision. Will you take part and give me feedback? Sure you will! I will be waiting for your comments.

To start with, let me give you some backdrop so that you know how I arrived at this thought. It happened so that I got an order for writing content for a motivational speaker on her blog. I loved the genre from the onset as it is something I liked doing and I thought to give it a go! I accepted the project.

I wrote some 10 to 15 articles for her in the last couple of weeks and I was surprised myself by the content that I could actually write for her. Obviously, as a freelancer, the content belongs to her but I wished that I would write such content for myself – for my blog – for my readers. And who knows, probably I can write a book solely on motivation! 

Need Your Feedback: Motivational Content Developer

Well, that’s about it. That thought is what I wanted to share with you all and take your sincere feedback. What do you think? Shall I go about it – like, writing motivational posts here in my blog consistently? I have been doing so in bits and pieces and a regular reader of my blog knows that for sure. The freelancing mantra series has motivational posts which are actually dedicated to freelancers. I hope you have read those posts.

I was searching about writing blogs and then later converting the blog to a book, which is a brilliant idea, I am sure. It will give an opportunity to all the readers to have everything that is in the blog, sorted, segmented and presented in a precise manner which can help the reader in understanding the concepts. The video that I was watching, on YouTube, suggested to categorize the blog posts and in a way so that these categories can form the broad chapters in the book and the posts can become segments of those chapters. Isn’t that a wonderful suggestion? YES! I thought I should share this with you all too.

I am sure there are few among my awesome readers who would like to write a blog and then probably go on and publish those writings as a book as well. Precisely what I am trying to push here to do. If you are one, please leave a comment and we can seriously talk about it one to one if needed.

While writing those articles for my client, I realized that there are a lot of things that are within me which I should actually let out and share with the world. I am blessed that these thoughts came to me and now it is the time that I reconcile these thoughts and bring them out to the world. I know it is not going to be a walk in the park, but who wants to walk in the park after all? All that I am doing now or trying to do, is because I do not want to walk in the park anymore. Life has been good to me and I have been getting things that most cannot dream of. It becomes a moral responsibility to give back. And even otherwise, if life had not been so friendly and happy with me, I should be sharing things I have with all I can as I am able to do that.

So, here’s one to the new beginning! I hope the journey will be an awesome one. I am sure it will be. If not, we will try to make it awesome – together – what say? 

As I said earlier, please let me know what you feel and do give me your feedback. I would love to hear from you.


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