How to start with YouTube as a Business? – Part 2

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Continuing from where we left in the previous post, here are the five heads that we need to ponder upon before starting to create that very first video on our YouTube channel. You can read the first part here. Let's continue.

1. Your Niche

As a first step, find out what you are going to talk about in your YouTube videos. This is very important to know because you are going to position, brand and market your channel and your videos based on your niche. You may change every other aspect of your channel, but changing the niche of your channel after you have already published many videos, is not recommended by YouTube. So, research deeply and try to think of a future proof niche, that you are passionate about and can continue working on for years to come!

2. Format of your videos

Next, you need to decide on the format of your videos; which can be screen recording, picture slideshows along with voice over, simple audio like that in a podcast, a collection of videos, a collection of audio tracks, whiteboard animation videos or any other computer generated movies or  the regular talking head videos. While this is a very volatile point, as you can have multiple formats of videos in your YouTube channel, it is important for you to have a picture in your mind to add more details, when you start. You need to tell yourself that my videos are going to be of such and such format and occasionally I might include videos of a different format. This clarity in mind will help you again in positioning, branding and promote your YouTube channel and videos.

3. Distribution of work

Here, I would suggest that you think of a plan on how you will be publishing those videos. By distribution of work, I mean that you can decide on what part of the video making process will be done by you and how much work are you going to delegate or outsource to others. This is very important because you may not be skilled enough on each and every aspect of video making which may be required for your channel to flourish. I know many people who just shoot themselves in front of a camera, and rest of the post production work is done by someone else. If you also have a plan like this where you are involved only in half of the production process of your videos and delegate or outsource the rest to somebody else, you can do that as well. So, this is an important aspect that you can decide upon when you start initially.

4. Equipment

Based on what work you will be doing yourself and what you will be delegating to others, the next thing that you need to plan is the equipment that you need to acquire to produce your videos. This also depends on the format of your videos that you have planned already. If you are planning for screencast videos with voice over, you may only need to buy a mic for the audio while you can record the screen of your existing computer. If you want to make videos of high-end games you might also want to acquire a high-end computer, that lets you stream live. Similarly, if you are going to come in front of the camera, and talk to your audience directly, you might need a whole setup of lighting, audio, and camera. You might have to invest in good lights, high-end DSLR cameras, and high-quality audio recording system. You might have to take help while recording and producing the videos as well. Please keep that in mind.

5. Schedule

Next aspect of planning is to plan your schedule. You need to fix how frequently you are going to publish your videos. Based on your existing workload, the priorities in your professional and personal life and the niche that you are catering to, you can schedule the frequency of your videos – how many videos in a week? One of the basic requirement requirements to be successful on YouTube is to be consistent. If you have a consistent schedule and you stick to it, there are more chances that you will become a big and successful YouTuber in short time.

This is all that I have, for this first question on starting with YouTube as a Business. I will take up a new question in the next post of this series and try to answer that with as many details as I can. I am sure this will help everyone who is starting his career on YouTube. These 5 heads will obviously give a good start to your YouTube business. Do write in the comments and let me know if there are any additional questions. I love answering your queries.


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