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How have you been? It's been a long time since I came here. Though I wanted to share with you about the various things that I am doing online, there is this one exciting new thing that I found out, which made me write this new article – rather “say” this article.

I knew that there was software like Dragon SpeechRecognition or Braina PRO and a few others that we have used during our college days. But I never knew that I can actually do it online. Here is a new website that I found out, which lets you speak and it converts your speech into text. So, whatever you can see here, was actually typed using that online website.

The name of the site is You can open the site, select the English that you are going to talk in, press that small microphone icon and start talking. When you talk, your speech will be converted into text, and it'll be typed on the notepad on the site itself. The Notepad is on the site and you do not have to open your own. Initially, you might face some problems while using this site like I'm experiencing now. But eventually as you use it more often, will be more acquainted with its features and it will be easier for you to convert your speech to text seamlessly.

This kind of speech to text recognition software is good for those who can talk very well and in a constructive and creative way but are not so good with typing a lot of text. So far, I am liking this website. Let me give you a good review to this site as I am using it.

So, this site looks like a normal website. I’m not sure if it is a WordPress site or created on some other platform. As of now, it's free, and it has a donate button on the top right corner where I suppose, you can deposit money into their PayPal account. On the left top of the page, you can find the temporary name of the Notepad that they've opened for you. Towards its left, there is a tool widget where you have some more options to open a Notepad, save and change settings. There are options to zoom in and zoom out on the page and also, I guess, you can Email your text from this website itself.

On the right-hand side, there is one more column with a few notations that we use very regularly. So, if I say PERIOD, it puts a full stop. If I say COMMA, it puts a ’,’ for you; a ‘?’ for a QUESTION MARK and so on. So, this column helps you while you are speaking and if you want to insert a special character you can just take help from this section and say those words, and it will insert that special character into your text.

This site looks very simple is very easy to use. Once you have the entire text ready, you can easily copy and paste it into a Microsoft Word document and check for any grammatical errors. This entire article has been written using this website. And once done, I used Microsoft Word to proofread and do a few minor changes that I wanted to the text. It's so fast & cool way to blog! So, I will suggest you guys check this website, and probably use it if you find it helpful. I may do a video soon on this topic as well. Stay tuned!


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