How hard is it to be successful on Fiverr?

Success is a state of mind. If you think you are successful, no other thought can change this for you. You do not need time to become successful anymore. You do not need to walk on roads untaken to reach somewhere. You do not need to earn some inordinate amount to fill your bank accounts. Success is in your thoughts. If you think you are successful, then you are.

Now, let’s cut the above bullshit and understand what the real world feels like. Wherever you go, you will be judged, welcomed or rejected, loved or hated, kissed or beaten, and appraised by the amount of success that you have achieved in the onlooker’s eyes.

If you are proud of being a freelancer who is trying to find his feet working as a Fiverr seller, you must be able to show that on your profile. The number of reviews that you have and the average rating that you have will tell someone how successful you are on Fiverr. Let the lifetime earning be left for your eyes only. This is one reason that everyone selling on Fiverr wants to be successful on Fiverr.

There is a massive pool of other people as well, who are working on Fiverr (now) and would want to be successful on Fiverr (one day). They want to do good, boost their pride and also the notifications from the bank accounts after each successful withdrawal from Fiverr.

No matter which group you fall into, it is really very hard to be successful on Fiverr. Well, I am talking from my perspective of success as a Fiverr seller. So, let’s keep that constant for the rest of this hurdle. In this article, I am going to try and explain if it is tough to be a successful seller on Fiverr.

The Indian Freelancer: How Hard is it to be Successful on Fiverr

Fight the High Competition

On Fiverr, there are a lot of sellers, and if you search for one particular product or service, you might find 20 or even 200 more gigs selling the same thing that you are planning to sell. This is why you must put in efforts to stand tall in the competition.

Always consider providing top notch services. Whatever the gig size is – whether it is a $5 gig or a $500 big project, put in your best efforts. Deliver the best you can. Your top-notch service will never go unattended and will surely bring you a lot of success in the long run.

Fine Tune your Gigs

Keep fine-tuning your gigs. Get back to your published gigs every now and then with an intention to improve it. Gig research in your domain can help you a lot in this. You will be able to see what is lacking in your gig and then probably improve the gig.

Check the top-selling gigs in your domain and find out things that they are doing. Probably you can improve your gig too.

Did you check your gig images off late? Or the gig video? Can you improve them? Think about these things and if you find an opportunity to enhance your gigs, please go ahead and put in the extra effort. It is always worthy.

I check my gigs every month and try to improve them with the additional knowledge that I have gathered in the last month or so. You might have developed your writing skills, or your video making skills or image designing skills in the previous month. Use them to strengthen your gig too.

Prove your Mastery

One thing which can set you apart from all the other sellers on Fiverr is your mastery on the subject. If you are a designer, your knowledge of PhotoShop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, PowerPoint, etc. will show up in your work. If you are not a master in this software, your designs will speak for themselves.

Everything on your gig should indicate that you are the best! Remember in most gigs (like design gigs etc.) the preview of your delivery is shown. New buyers can see your previous work. Ensure you deliver your best.

Learn new things to improve yourself. Everyone else is doing so. If you are not learning something new every day, remember that you are lagging behind the other sellers who are learning new things and achieving new mastery.

Showcase what you learn in your work or your gig content.

Be Patient

Be patient with your gigs. Give them some time to settle when you change things. It might take some time for the Fiverr algorithm to catch the change and act accordingly. You must show patience after making changes in your gig and wait to see it rank higher on the search results.

Nothing works overnight. You will not get rich just after opening an account on Fiverr or after selling a few gigs. It will take time. But one thing is sure that if you are there in the mix and continually putting in efforts to promote your gigs and add value to the clients, you can beat the competition and move up the ladder in time. You must be hence, very patient with your career on Fiverr.

Show Resilience

Again, this is a personal trait that you must have. You must be ready to fight back in times of adversities. It not going to be a smooth ride. Nobody promised it will be, right?

There are a lot of instances when you might face animosity on Fiverr, in different forms. You must be prepared to bounce back and get going with what you are here for – to get more work, put your best efforts and earn money. You must be ready to accept a lot of hardships on Fiverr.

Fiverr rules do not work in our favor all the time. There are times when we can see something terrible happening to us, but we will be just helpless. Unfortunate cancellations, wrong orders or orders sent to you by mistake (and later canceled by the buyer) are widespread and they hurt the seller hard.
For instance, there will be buyers who will accept your hard work but won’t give you a 5-star rating just because they felt you could have done better. They may not have any knowledge of the skills you used, but they will be highly judgmental. These bad reviews and ratings will impact in a terrible manner.

Some clients are looking for free work. They will get the job and then probably cancel the order sighting some other problem with you. You might even earn a 1-star rating too. They don’t care what happens to your profile after that 1-star rating. But you must care. It is your profile, after all, and you should be able to spring back.

Promote your Gigs

I keep saying this that if you are trying to sell any digital product, you must resort to promoting those online. There is no second way of getting more sales.

Whether you are a seller on Fiverr, or a blogger, or a YouTuber, or a published author on Amazon and want to sell more of your assets and services, you must promote them. As a Fiverr seller, you must encourage your Fiverr gigs on various social media platforms and forums wherever you envision to have your target clients.

A seller must promote gigs on his own. If you rely solely on Fiverr’s algorithm to help and sell your gigs, then you cannot expect regular sales. Go ahead and start promoting.

Here is How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig On Quora in 2019

Own it and be Responsible

Selling on Fiverr is your business. You must own it totally. You must be ready to take up the ownership of your gigs and profile precisely how you would if you had a physical shop. The business on Fiverr is no different.

Your success if your responsibility. No one else can make you a really successful seller on Fiverr. If you have good friends and family, who are ready to promote your gig on their timelines and help you, consider yourself lucky. But do not expect anything else at all. They are not going to take responsibility for your success.

Fiverr will help the sellers in various ways, though they are more partial towards the buyers, in case of arguments or differences in opinions. This is but ordinary because the money is actually coming from the buyers. They too will not take responsibility for your success on Fiverr.

So, take ownership of your business on Fiverr and start taking responsibility for whatever is happening to you on Fiverr. If something terrible is happening, try to fix it. If something good is happening, try to hold on to it. That is how you will grow.


To conclude, I will agree that it is hard to be successful on Fiverr. But I will also say that it is entirely possible to be successful as well. Our business on Fiverr is in our hands. If we put in the right efforts, we can stand out from the crowd and perform much better in the coming days.

I hope the points I discussed above will help you in your career on Fiverr. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section. I will do my best to answer your queries.

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