Graphic Design using PowerPoint – how to use PowerPoint for Social Media Design

Every day I need to create graphic content for my blogs, websites, social media and a good lot for my freelancing services as well. I was always looking to find an easier and faster alternative to Photoshop or Illustrator (Adobe products). That is when I first discovered graphic design using PowerPoint.

I say “discover” because it was always there, but I never saw it properly. And now that I see, I can feel the immense power hidden in that software. It can ‘really’ give a new dimension to the graphic designing that you do on a regular basis. And if you a beginner, then this tool can give you much more than basic support.

If graphic design interests you and you feel eager to know how you can create quick graphic content using PowerPoint for your social media and other usages, please read on. This article is just for you.

PowerPoint for presentations

To tell the truth, we do not look at PowerPoint as a graphic designing tool. We use PowerPoint only for presentations. Using transitions and animations on texts and images are all that we do on PowerPoint. Those who can do these effectively are satisfied and consider themselves masters – which is not totally wrong, though.

Microsoft PowerPoint is made to create presentations, and if you can create awesome presentations using that tool, you are awesome, no doubt.

But there is a whole lot of designing that we can do in PowerPoint, which even the masters should not overlook.

After I started a graphic design using PowerPoint, my life has become much easier than earlier. Not only I could create awesome designs with less designing knowledge, but also, I could create them quickly. PowerPoint made my designs cost-effective and enhanced my productivity.

Comparison between PowerPoint and Photoshop

Well, these two are different kinds of software and we cannot compare them on the same page. PowerPoint and Photoshop are distinctively dissimilar from each other in usage and concept. It will be very foolish to compare the two software.

Photoshop can create awesome graphics and do advanced photo manipulation, which you cannot even think of doing on PowerPoint.

Having said so, PowerPoint can do a lot too. If you know the various features and how to use them properly, PowerPoint can create awesome graphics content in quick time, with sufficient accuracy and awesomeness to attract, affect and mesmerize your audience.

PowerPoint for Social Media

Graphic design using PowerPoint is much effective when you use it for your social media. So, how to use PowerPoint for Social Media Designs?

Social media does not need very high-resolution graphics. Social media does not need a lot of image manipulation. Social media does not need you to “create” a lot of graphic elements too. You can “take” existing images and manipulate them a little to create memes and posts on social media.

PowerPoint lets you do most of that and in a much effective way. You can create memes and graffiti much quickly on PowerPoint, if you compare with any other software, provided you know how to use the various features of the tool.

Now, do not get confused by the statement where I said you do not need to create a lot of graphic elements for your social media. At times you need to create a few elements and bring them together on your design to create the masterpiece for your social media pages. PowerPoint can create a hell lot of these elements too. You will be amazed!

What all can PowerPoint create?

You can design a plethora of various graphic content using PowerPoint. PowerPoint can create Logos, banners, flyers, brochures, visiting cards, printable posters, calendars and all other similar kinds of printable content. You can even design book covers and interiors using PowerPoint.

If you are looking for social media content, you can create cover images, banners, ads, profile images, memes and graffiti of various kinds on PowerPoint. You can also create entire eBooks using PowerPoint.

If you take a look around my blog, I used PowerPoint for most of the graphic content that you see. PowerPoint created almost all of what I post on my Facebook Page or other social media pages. I also have gigs on Fiverr where I create deliverables on PowerPoint.

For me and my freelancing career, PowerPoint has contributed a lot. I cannot thank enough.

How to learn Graphic Design using PowerPoint?

So, what did I do to give back? I created a course, and it is live on Udemy for last few months.
The name of the course? Yeah, you guessed it!

This course is intended to talk about the various amazing things that you can do on PowerPoint as far as graphics designing is concerned. I have put in a lot of efforts in creating this course because I believe that just by using PowerPoint properly, one can create a regular source of earning online.

You can create a lot of various gigs on Fiverr or other freelancing marketplaces purely based on PowerPoint. From graphic designing to PowerPoint presentations to animations and even intro or promo videos on PowerPoint – all these are awesome options that you can avail to create gigs.

You can sell these services online and earn money on a regular basis. However, for that, you must learn graphic design using PowerPoint. My course on Udemy provides you an awesome platform to get started.

Please check the course description and go through the various free preview videos to know more about the course and if you like the content, please feel free to enroll to the course.

And yes, for you, my reader here, I have a SPECIAL COUPON which will reduce the course fee to $10. Yes, you can get the entire course on Udemy for just $10 if you use my free coupon. That is only for my readers here on my blog.

When you are on the course page, please use the coupon TIF.GDP.SUPER10 to enroll or simply click here. You will be able to take the $160 course for $10. That is a gift and a promotion that I am running for my readers. You are also free to enroll without using this coupon if you click here.

Take the course. I keep adding new lectures and hands-on tutorials now and then.


I hope you are now clear why I was promoting PowerPoint so much. It can kick-start your freelancing career. If you have already started, or you are doing something else where you need to create graphics content on a daily basis, PowerPoint is going to be your best friend.

Here in this article, it is not possible to show any hands-on demonstration of all that PowerPoint can do. I would suggest you head out to my YouTube channel and check a few videos that I have there specifically on graphic design using PowerPoint. Those will surely help.

You can also check the preview videos of my course, which are again, mostly available on my YouTube channel. Feel free to check whichever you like. And then, if you want to learn more, enroll to the course. I will make some money if you do.

That’s all I have in this article. I hope you liked the content. Do let me know in your comments. Also, please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding graphic design using PowerPoint. I will try my best to answer your queries.

Thanks for reading this article. I will be back with another one next week. Have a great one!

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