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Namaste Friends,

Hope you're doing wonderfully well! And yes, I'm doing fantastic as usual. Thanks for asking. With a hope for a great day and a better tomorrow, let's begin this post.

Last few weeks I spent my free time, which is the lion's share of my day, in thinking about something new that I can relate to and build upon passionately. The motivation was again, to help a certain group of people to express themselves and realize their dreams. This time, the focus is on the amateur writers that most of us have in ourselves, who do not get a proper platform to unleash their passion or skill. I've been there and so, I know how hard it is to get yourself read. I was relentlessly thinking of what we can do to provide to the needs of that group who want to write but do not because of some problem or the other. Some don't know how to write online. Some of us don't have a blog of their own. Some don't want to write regularly. But the top problem that many of us face these days is the lack of readership. We don't get people who would read our write-ups. And I believe this is a universal problem with amateur writers. So, I converged down to this specific problem and I want to address this first.

What is the solution then? The solution is to have a platform where we, the amateur group of writers, can write our heart out, get read and help each other progress and develop our writing. This is what I have thought of as of now. I'm sure my friends who are already joining hands with me in this venture, will have more ideas which we can brainstorm together and implement in the coming days. But before that happens, let's get back to writing.

So, what is this movement? Are you wondering too? Well, you're not the only one who is wondering about it. I myself am not too sure of it yet. But I know one thing for sure, that together we can move mountains, and we will!

Let's get down to business then. I'll tell you what all I have thought of as of now.

1. We will have one platform - a blog, where we can come and write on whatever we want to. It can be anything - that you're passionate about or you're interested in. Poems, politics, photography, relationships, tech gadgets - you name it! Only restrictions would be on abusive, socially inappropriate and illegitimate writeups and I'm sure we all know what that means. Everything else under the Sun is welcomed. Just choose the right category.

2. You can write whenever you want to. There would be no strict schedule that you'll have to follow. You can write whenever you want to and from wherever you are, no restrictions on that as well. One post a week at least will be highly appreciated.

3. We will read each other's posts and help each other better our writing skill. There is no shame in correcting yourself and there is no fear in correcting others. Let's join hands with an open mind as well. This is the only fastest way I know to improve. And we will improve together, right?

4. We will share and promote each other and our writing. When we read a particular article of our interest, we will share that with our friends and family, if we like it. That way, we will not only be sharing quality content on our pages and timelines, but also help bringing more eyeballs to each other's writeups. Do you remember that we talked about increasing readership? Well, this is where this will start. And I'm sure that together, we can bring in a revolution!

5. Among other things that I've thought about as yet, there would be options to track and value the best articles. There are plans of publishing downloadable periodicals with a collection of best writeups. Then we can have internal competitions and I'm sure these will keep us bonded together, like an extended family.

Well, there are a few other things too, but let's wait for the right time. There's absolutely no need to spill the beans right away. The very first thing that we're going to do is to get together and get started with our writing! Let's get back to writing first, what say?

So, I will be creating a new blog first and then start posting our initial writeups. Please ensure that you have 2 to 3 writeups ready before we launch the platform or the blog. So that we don't have a scarcity of material to decorate our blog platform.

But before doing that, I will earnestly request everyone willing to get into it to fill out the Google form to register yourself. Many of you have already registered. Others can find the form here, to fill it up online. That's the starting point. We will have all the information about ourselves in one place, and get started from there.

So, that's it for now. Thank you for your time and if you're looking to join, do it fast. I'm not looking to add each and everyone I meet. Then probably the whole thing will be ruined. But none of the very much interested and passionate ones should miss out on this opportunity. This is why we will have a specific upper limit of adding writers for the time being. So, HURRY UP!

For the initial idea roll out, check out the announcement on my Facebook Page. Please also like that page if you do.

Thanks again for showing interest and reading this long post. I have shared as much as I've thought of till now. I'll be adding more as time comes by. Let me know once you've filled the form if you like ice cream. And please share the news with as many as you can. That's your job.

My job now is to create a WhatsApp group with all the phone numbers that are shared so that we can all talk & brainstorm. Then I'll have to build a blog, research the name or probably learn how to run the show.

This initiative is officially taken by TheIndianFreelancer.com.
That's it, folks. Hope to see you in there very soon. Let's get back to writing. Let's write together.

The Indian Freelancer

Let's Learn & Grow Together.



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