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Namaste Freelancers and Friends!

It gives me immense pleasure to let you know that our Facebook Fan Page is in place now. Though I created the page a few days ago, but only now I could add a logo and a cover photo and update the ‘about page’ and everything else. So, now it is ready for you to view. Please visit the page at: https://www.facebook.com/theindianfreelancer/

Just creating a new page on Facebook does not mean, ‘It’s done!’ No, it is not done! There are a whole lot of additional things that go into it. URL, Cover Page, Logo and then updating the ‘about page’ section – with Name, Topics, Short Description, Impressum, Long Description and a few other small things. I was short of words today (not sure how) while writing the page description and impressum. I guess because I was in designing mode, where I designed the cover page and the logo. And then suddenly switching to the content writing mode, is everything but easy. Trust me!

Well that reminds me! Before you read any further, why don’t you take a look at the page banner and the logo? Here they are:
Facebook Page Cover & YouTube Channel Art 

The Indian Freelancer Logo

Please check these and write a comment telling me how you felt about these. Only honest comments, OK? I did spend a lot of time, and I think these are fabulous; but then I would want to know what you feel about them as well. It is always good to hear from the on looker, how your creation (design, in this case) is – it gives very different perspectives to the thought process. I will look forward to hear from you.

So, like I said, after spending a lot of time designing above two, suddenly I found that I need to update the ‘about page’ section as well. This is when I felt lost! And I took a break. Whenever I feel stuck or gridlocked, I like to take a break and these breaks do work – trust me! After coming back from the break I wrote the Short Description and the Impressum for the page. You can find those on the About section of the page. Please feel free to check these minute details on the page as well and let me know, if you think something is not at the right place. I will modify it, if so. What I want you guys to read here is the Long Description I wrote and I think it deserves to be on this blog as well. 

It talks about the very basic idea behind The Indian Freelancer – the motive, the agenda and what to expect in the near future. Every Subscriber (and the new guy, who's trying to find out what this is all about) to my blog and YouTube Channel should actually read this, and I think it is just perfect. So, without much ado, here it is for you to read. Let me know how you liked it.

The Indian Freelancer - is a venture and a striving attempt to bring all the freelancers, in India or elsewhere, under one roof and provide all the information that one would need to involve in, implement and imbibe freelancing. 
It is an effort to put a process around the madness going on on the internet, as far as obtaining information about freelancing is concerned. The idea is to bring to you one stop shop for all your freelancing needs - to prepare and bring to you everything that you would want to know about freelancing and need to thrive well, while working as a freelancer. 
There would be lot of material and content with freelancing tutorials, tips and tricks that would be shared on our website and our YouTube Channel on a regular basis. Hence, you will get an update for all that is happening in our world, through this page here. Hope you like our endeavor. Your constant support, feedback and suggestions are what we seek to receive from you, in exchange! The information is anyways free :)
Do Subscribe and comment on our blogs and posts; Like, Share and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 
Thanks a lot for participating.
The Indian Freelancer

How was it? Well, along with telling me how you liked it, also let me know if you have any specific query in mind that you want to get answer for. Feel free to comment and ask your query or you can even email me at: contact@TheIndianFreelancer.com. I will be happy to read and reply to your emails.

That’s all for today. Hope you have liked my posts this far. Here’s to a lot more!
You have a good time ahead!

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Thanks a lot,
The Indian Freelancer 
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