Hello World!

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my Blog & Website :) 
Today is an important day for me as it is my Birthday! And today also marks the launch of this new venture - The Indian Freelancer! I am calling this a venture because it is not going to be limited only to this blog. There will be lot more to come, if everything goes well and I have your constant support and companionship. So, keep calm, hold my hand and let's go!

I have lot of plans, hopes and dreams of taking this forward. It is a way of giving back to the society and to the entire fraternity of Freelancers - here in India and all around the World. I want to share things that I have learnt in the last decade and more of my association with Freelancing and probably help you (and others) in your endeavor, as well. I will also share what I learn in everyday of my life that can be beneficial to you. We learn everyday, don't we?
Thanks for being here and spending time with me. I will be grateful if I can help you reach your goals. Your constant support and feedback is what I will seek throughout, via this venture. So, keep them coming.
Here is the link to my YouTube Channel. I will insist that you keep an eye on that as it is a special place where I can communicate/interact with you directly, share my world with you and receive your feedback and suggestions and most importantly, answer your queries. So, do visit my Channel and Support it in every possible way you can: www.YouTube.com/TheIndianFreelancer

Today is Day 1 and I hope we stay together as well as learn and grow together every day from here on! I will look forward to hear from you.

Thanks a lot. May God bless us all!
The Indian Freelancer
Let's Learn and Grow Together!


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