Why Are Some People Successful in Life? - 5 Reasons for 2020

Most people are successful because they follow a few things in life religiously and build their lives around them. Clarity of thoughts, giving importance to their health, sleep, self-improvement, and being grounded are those traits that make successful people different than the rest.

We often look around us and find a lot of successful people. On TV or social media, and in our real life as well, we see many people succeeding in their respective fields. However, we also find many others who are not as successful as them, right?

What is the difference? Why are some people more successful in life than others? What are the main reasons?

In this article today, I am going to talk about precisely this. I will talk about those five reasons why some people are successful in life. I am going to talk about the traits of those successful people, which can also be the reasons why some people are more successful than others.

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Now, let us talk about the five specific reasons. Let us find out why some people are successful while others are not. Here is the first reason.


Successful people have clarity of thoughts. They know their way. They know what they want to achieve and what they need to do to accomplish that. It is one of the most important and most common traits of every successful person in this world.

Please take a  note of it.

Successful people have a clear plan for the future – for next week,  or month, or year, or even next five years. They know exactly where they want to reach after that period. They also know precisely what they need to do during t his time to reach there.

It makes them give importance to every minute that they spend in their life. Every day becomes precious to them, and they ensure that they utilize each hour productively.

You must already know the power of incremental work. If you can do a small portion of your work every day, in no time, you can find yourself at a point where you must have achieved a lot.

It is called incremental work. Successful people know the value of it. They do a little bit every day and slowly but surely proceed towards their goal.

Thus, successful people know their way and walk on the path that they have fixed for themselves.


How many times have we heard our near and dear ones or even our doctors ask us to sleep adequately? A  lot many times, right? And still, do we listen to them?

I have seen this in a lot of freelancers, startup owners,  and online entrepreneurs that they sleep very less. Most take it easy, as they see an immediate profit if they can work overtime. A  few also take pride in working for long hours.

Well, it is precisely what successful people do not do. They do the exact opposite. They spend at least 6-7 hours every day in sleep. They give importance to their sleep.

You and I understand that sleeping offers rest to the body and energizes it to work more on the next day. Apart from this, there is another critical thing that happens when we sleep.

Our brain cells get activated and energized while we sleep. The more we can relax, the more will the brain accumulate power to work better.  

If you are a full-time or even a part-time freelancer, you will know that most of the time that we spend is to get work and not actually doing it. It is like the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time, we look for work, and 20% of the time, we actually work on the projects.

It is entirely a work of the brain. Bringing new work every now and then is not an easy job by any means. Hence, you must take care of the mind.

Sleep more and let the brain gear up for the work the next day. It is what most successful people from around the work do. They sleep for at least 6-7 hours every day.

Preferably, sleep during the night time, but if you are working at nights, ensure to sleep adequately during the day. Choose a quiet place for yourself in your house where there are least disturbance and noise around yourself.

Sleep well, and stay fit!


Successful people do not show off. They do not even buy what they may as well deserve. They live below their means.

It means that they spend much less than what they can on themselves. Successful people pay less than what they earn. They tend to live a simple life.

Most successful people are not very brand aware or concerned about what they are wearing.  Yes, they wear the right clothes when they go out or make public appearances, but that is not something they do regularly.

Successful people maintain a low profile lifestyle. I  remember seeing Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Inc., wearing the same clothes (black colored T-Shirt and trousers) even in most of his public appearances. He said once that it saves him time by not having to choose what to wear every morning.

Such humbleness and such simplicity!

That is how most successful people are. So, if you want to be as successful as they are, try doing what they do. Do not show off and live a low profile life. Earn more and spend less on yourself, your looks, appearance, and lifestyle.


It is crucial to keep giving your soul what it needs to stay healthy and wealthy. It is essential to provide it with some food for thoughts, some ways to enhance the knowledge, and some assistance for the mind to exercise.

A few days ago, on my YouTube channel, I published a video describing 5 ways of enhancing your overall intelligence. If you have not seen that video, you can check it out here now:

Successful people always do something or the other for themselves, for their soul, mind, and keep improving themselves. You can do that too.

Read books. There are a lot of books out there which help in self-improvement and success. If you do not want to read those, read the kinds of books that you like. I love reading comics, btw.

Watch videos on YouTube – videos that inspire, that show you how to do what you do and how to do it better. Again, if you want to improve yourself, you will be able to choose what to watch and what to not watch on YouTube.

Networking is another significant act where you are giving yourself a chance to understand various perspectives and knowing others’ viewpoints too.

We freelancers often work in silos, which are lonely places. Networking helps us to widen our horizons and see beyond our capabilities.

Whatever you do, keep learning new things. Keep doing new things. Keep your mind and body active. In between your busy schedules, which most of us have anyways, keep some time aside to do something to feed your soul.


The one most important thing that successful people prioritize is their health. They take the utmost care of their health and that takes care of them when they need the extra bit of push from their body.

Health is wealth. We know this. But we seldom take it seriously. Well, successful people do. They take their health very seriously, and they do something regularly that helps them to keep themselves healthy.

You aim to try not to fall ill. Regular activities to maintain your health should be at the top of your priority list. Regular exercises, meditation, eating healthy food, and sleeping adequately are the basics which you should do, like all the successful people around you.

A healthy body can work longer and can produce more. If you are a freelancer or if you want to become a  freelancer in the future and you are preparing,  make sure you keep yourself fit.

There will be adverse times in the future when you will have to do much additional work, which may be outside your schedule. You may have to run the extra mile, pick the extra bale, dig the extra hole. If your body does not support you at that time, your performance will get hit, and in our world, buyers do not like low performing sellers or freelancers.


So, to conclude, let’s just recap on the five reasons why some people are successful in life while others do not. The reasons are:

  1. Knowing your way
  2. Giving importance to sleep
  3. Living below your means
  4. Feeding your soul
  5. Prioritizing health

Do these regularly and bring the change in your life, which your life deserves. Here are the secrets for success. Live like those who have done these and have been successful. It is the only shortcut to success if I can even say that.

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