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A few of my subscribers and frequent readers have asked for more content on dropshipping, and with dropshipping, Shopify comes to the mind immediately. We have had many thoughts in the past regarding Shopify too and those in-depth discussions helped many.

One question that I often have to answer is about the Shopify theme. Which is the fastest Shopify theme that is available at present? 

It is prevalent and fundamental to ask this question and I appreciate it too, as it shows that you are thinking of ways in which you can provide a better experience to your customers on your Shopify store.

In this article today, I will tell you which Shopify theme is the fastest and would work best for your online store too. But before that, let me tell you the benefits of having a speedier store.

Benefits of a fast Shopify theme

Having a fast Shopify store helps you in a lot of different ways. The following are a few reasons that you must try to get your shop as fast as possible. 

Better conversion rate: fast pages convert much better than those which take ages to load. If your Shopify store is fast, it is more likely that the conversion rate will head north in no time.

Better searchability: google always ranks faster pages higher than the slower ones, as it considers the page loading time. The same is true for other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing too. Hence, it would help if you tried to make your web store faster and therefore increasing the searchability in these search engines.

Enhanced user experience: a fast Shopify store will be more likely to get a repeat customer. Also, a faster website tends to keep the visitor for a longer time.

How to check the present performance of your Shopify store.

Now that you know the benefits of a fast Shopify store, it is time to find out if your existing store is fast enough or not. How can you find out the current speed of your website?

One of the best places to find the speed at which your website is working at present is, where you can not only see how your website performs, but you can also check the reasons because of which it is slow and discover optimization opportunities as well.

How to enhance speed and boost performance.

Once you have checked the present performance of your online Shopify store, you would want to make it work better for you and your dropshipping business. You can do this by improving the speed of your online store.

There are mainly three ways in which you can boost the performance of your online Shopify store. Let’s talk about those and also compare the cost involved in these three methods.

Hiring a website developer to optimize the speed of your website: speeding up a website is done by a developer who optimizes the site and helps it to load faster. It involves tasks such as image compression and making changes in the native code of the website. 

The developer needs to find and fix bugs on all the pages on your website, which is a time consuming and effort-hungry process. Developers often charge thousands of dollars to optimize the speed of your website. For small and growing businesses, this may not be a viable option.

Using speed optimization apps: there are a plethora of speed optimization apps that are available in the market which promise to enhance the speed of your website. Using simple image-compression plugins is a different case, where the cost is also not much. 

However, in most cases, these speed optimization apps themselves are so heavy that they turn the speed of the website down themselves. Having another app along with all the other apps and plugins which have already made the website slow is not a very thoughtful solution.

To get the best results, speed optimization should be done by humans alone, who can understand the specific problems and fix them one by one, rather than an app that may not suit every situation. Shopify experts can make visible differences to the performance of your online store in a quick time, unlike these speed optimization apps.

Installing a fast Shopify theme: as a businessman, or an online dropshipping entrepreneur, your focus should be on getting more footprints on your website, rather than spending more time in fixing bugs and optimizing your online store for performance.

Hence, install a fast Shopify theme and forget about the performance issues. It is also the cheapest option that you have got.

Which theme should you go with? Which is the fastest Shopify theme?

Shopify Speed Experts, in collaboration with successful Shopify entrepreneurs, have come up with the fastest Shopify theme called Plak. The Plak theme is highly customizable, very light, and hence fast and is SEO friendly as well.

The Plak theme has provided a near-perfect score for the homepage, product page and cart page (essential pages in eCommerce) in online Shopify stores. You may check out the metrics in the following screenshots below:

Which is the fastest Shopify theme?

The Plak Shopify theme was developed with much dedication to make Shopify stores load faster and provide added value to the visiting buyers. It gives the best converting features, customizable designs, and layout options so that the visitors convert to potential returning clients.

The Plak Shopify theme also uses the latest technology such as Lazy Loading or on-demand loading, which instead of loading the entire web page in one shot, loads only the part that the visitor visits, and loads the remaining as and when the visitor reaches out to that section of the webpage. Only when the visitor scrolls down to the very end, the entire page is loaded. 

This technology called Lazy Loading enables better performance of your online store and hence, makes the Plak Shopify theme the best available theme for Shopify.

You can try it yourself in your existing online stores and find out the difference. Do come back here to tell me what your experience is. 

Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you want to know more about the Plak Shopify theme or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will try to answer your queries as much as possible.

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