Top 10 Web Page Builder Plugins for your WordPress Website

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If you are getting started with  WordPress and you want to give a kickstart to your career as a WordPress Designer, here is some good news for you. There is something in WordPress which can help you to get started very quickly without knowing too much of WordPress.

You can build professional web pages and websites very easily without mastering WordPress and that too in a very short time. Yes, I am not joking!

All you want to have is a WordPress Page Builder Plugin. Using a Page Builder Plugin you can just drag and drop elements on your web page and add professional features to your web page. 

When you create multiple such web pages and collate them, you will be able to create full-fledged websites. And you can do all these, without knowing too many nuances of WordPress.

In this article, I will tell you about the top 10 web page Builder Plugins for your WordPress website. At the end of this list, I will tell you which plugin is the best, that I recommend. I will also tell you about a way by which you can learn about that plugin in quick time.

So, without wasting any more time, let's look into the top page builder plugins for WordPress. But before that, let me tell you that these plugins can only help you to kickstart your journey of becoming a WordPress Designer and not a WordPress Developer.

But to become a developer, you would need proper understanding and the ability to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and a few more things, that you will learn when you grow as a developer.

Top 10 Page Builder Plugins

Check these top WordPress page builder plugins, which can most definitely help you become a WordPress Designer. Click on the names for their homepage:

(screenshots were taken from the respective home page)
These are the top 9 web page builder plugin. The last one in this list is the one that I love working with and is presently regarded as the number one page builder plugin for WordPress.

I love Elementor, the Number One Page Builder plugin for WordPress!

elementor templates

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I have been using Elementor for over a dozen complete websites that I have built for my clients and for myself. You may check my freelancing website, where I have used Elementor to build a few pages.

Elementor is new in the market but has already gained a lot of traction and praise from the WordPress community from around the world. WordPress along with renowned hosting providers have also talked high about Elementor, the page builder plugin.

There are two versions of Elementor - FREE & PRO (paid) and I have used both. However, if you are just starting to work on WordPress and new to Elementor, I would suggest to use their FREE plan and I am sure it will take care of most of your needs with designing your WordPress website.

My Course on Elementor

Recently, I have published a course on Elementor as well, where I showed how to design a professional landing page for my website design services. It is a live page which you can access by clicking here.

If you also want to learn and become a master of Elementor and build awesome professional web pages or even go on and start your business as a web designer, you should enroll in this course asap! 

To help you out here is a coupon that you can use to take the $200 course for just $9.99. Click Here to Enroll Now!!

That is all I have in this article and I truly hope this was helpful and beneficial to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or ask me on Social Media. I will definitely get back to you as soon as I can.

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