What is Stopping You from Being a Success?

The other day I was on a Facebook group where someone asked why many people do not like to start their own business and prefer doing a job. Well, I personally think that this question is weird.  That is for two main reasons.

ONE, we should leave it to individual preferences and should not judge that person by her or his choices. This is very important. It directly talks about the proverb – Live and Let Live. If you are willing to do a business of your own, get started. Just do not expect that everyone else should also leave their job and start doing what you are doing. The other analogy to this thought is that if everyone starts doing what you are doing or selling, who will buy the products or services from your business? Hilarious! There must be some people who take from us when we are making right? Think about it.

TWO: The other reason because of which I think that this query is weird is the very fact that I am not much bothered about it. Why should I be? I guess rather than thinking why someone is not doing what I am doing or I am aspiring to do, I should better put in the effort and time in doing what I am – increasing the business! I can only show them by example that the life of a businessman is slightly better than that of a traditional office goer, but that is about it – nothing more than that. I will never stand in the road stopping people from going to work and asking them to start blogging or getting on with a YouTube channel. That would be the last thing in my mind to do and would be ridiculous to the core as well. Don’t you think so?

Well, the reason I started talking about this question from that Facebook group is that I wanted to show a definite cause for many people failing to reach where they should reach. And it is bothering too much about what others are doing.

If I ask you, what is stopping you from being a success, will you tell me that your neighbor is not successful and hence, you are not able to get there too? That will be hysterical! Thanks for not answering that.

The answering in most cases is that we ourselves are stopping us from reaching the heights of business, being successful and go beyond. There is no one to blame. There is no one else to point to – neither for our failure nor for our success. We do to ourselves what we become. As one of Buddha’s quotes on life says, No One Saves Us, But Ourselves. It is only us who can save us. It is only us who can destroy us.

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And this is so true! When you are at an age in life where you look back at what you have achieved or what you have not achieved in life, you will find that every little thing is your own achievement. And if there is something that you wanted so dearly, but you could not cling onto it, it was you in some way or the other who stopped you from accomplishing that too. It is us who are stopping ourselves. It is your choices and attitudes that is stopping you from being a success.

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