Trip to Himachal Pradesh | Episode 02 | McLeodganj

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Trip to Himachal Pradesh | Episode 2 | McLeodganj

In episode 2 of this Travel Vlog Series, I have talked about my travel from Bangalore to McLeodganj, through Chandigarh and Dharamshala. I am in McLeodganj today and tomorrow. I have talked about the place and a few places I have visited here as well.

This video is not a travel guide. It is my video, where you get to see what I am doing here. In the process, I will share a few things about the place too. Hope this helps you to know more about this place. It is a nice small hill-station, with comfortable weather. I could find temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 24 degrees throughout the night, while traveling and the day. This is a tourist season and people are coming in from all around the globe.

I saw lots of Bengalis and foreigners flocking along the roads in the main town square and towards the Bhagsunath Temple, and the waterfall after that.

These are the places I went today. Tomorrow, there will be something more. I hope I can bring that to you as well, in the next episode.


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