Freelancing Mantra: Failure is the Pillar of Success

No one has ever travelled the road of success without walking past the streets of failure. God has not promised us an easy journey, but a blissful destination.

Namaste Friends and Freelancers!

No one has ever succeeded without failing. Well, in most cases, yes! Hence, failure should not stop you from doing anything worthwhile. We have all read and heard stories of failure and how people succeeded even after failing multiple times. Hence, we are well versed with how it works, right?

In freelancing career, as well, you will indifferently face failure of various categories and degrees. Some may be as small as a power failure in your area while you are working on an urgent delivery or as high as losing one of the biggest contracts that you have worked on for a long time. But you will have to be strong, get up and try again. Right? YES!

When we start our career as a freelancer, we find there are vast pools of freelancers already struggling and fighting for jobs. It has always been the case that the number of jobs are lesser than the number of service providers available at any point in time, unless the requirement is from such a small niche that only a few highly experienced and trained people can do it. Hence, if you visit the various online freelancing websites and see their job boards you will find that there are huge number of service providers or sellers pitching in for every single job post from the fast-moving category of freelance jobs, like transcription, article writing, graphics designing or web designing etc. For one job post of your niche, there may be as many as 100 (or even more – this number increases as I type) sellers who have already applied.

  • What will you do in that case? 
  • How will you get that job? 
  • Will you even apply for it?

Well, we will look into these in near future. This is what the blog is made for, but right now we are just trying to prepare ourselves. Before answering the above queries or moving on with the post, take a moment and tell me if this is a failure for you? What do you think?

If you said it is a failure, then you may not be wrong. If you would have started a year ago, this number would have been less. So, in one way you have failed to join freelancing at the right time and hence, you have failed even before you have started!

Not quite so! Yes, there is an upper hand for those who have started earlier in every case, but the advantage that we have, who are starting now, is that we are exposed to better and more advanced technology, which the older guys didn’t have when they joined. So, they had to struggle more than what we have to do now. We have more help available than they did. We have more information available now and we have more stories of both failure and success which can inspire us faster and better, in many cases.

So, we can see now that what looked like a point of failure is now looking like a point of opportunity. This is exactly how we have to deal with failure when we start our career as a freelancer and later as well. 

Convert your failure to learning experiences and opportunities to perform better and produce more success. This is something that only you can do and no one can teach you how to. Keep your mind open. Think positively about any situation and try to find out what you can take away as learning points from any incident or adversary that has taken place.

There are lot of things that happen around you and as a freelance service provider you may not be able to control those. What you can control, though, are your thoughts and actions. You can control how you think about the situation and the incidence ad what you want to take away as a learning point. One who uses these happenings and learn from them is the one who succeeds in the long run. This is not only true in freelancing, but also in real life.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Plan your road ahead. Plan what you are going to do in the next one hour, the next day or the week. Have bigger long term plans for the months to come and the next few years. In traditional job interviews, they often ask the candidates, “where do you see yourself in next 5 years?” When most try to be creative and often end up answering something funny (like, “on your chair”) the winners would actually tell what they have planned for before even entering the interview room. They would tell exactly where they can be, logically if they work the hardest, in the next 5 years. Hence, planning is important. Don’t fail to plan. When you have a plan in place and have kept milestones at regular time intervals, you are more likely to succeed as a freelancer.

So, do not worry about the failures you face. Take them as they come as failures are inevitable, but have a plan for yourself of how to deal with such failures. If you can plan it right, failures will be converted into opportunities in no time and you will have a successful career as a freelancer. Do write in your comments how you liked this post. I will eagerly wait to hear form you. Wishing you all the best. 


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