How to start your freelancing career?

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I'm going to share something that happened today & it will help you if you're thinking how to start your freelancing career & how to proceed with it.

In one of my groups on Facebook, I saw few people asking about the best Institute that teaches freelancing, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There were various suggestions that the local community gave - naming a few institutes. I also commented on that post with my views & eventually posted fresh post in that group. I'm sharing the post here as well. But before you start reading the post, tell me in your comments below, do you also think that anyone who wonders how to start his or her freelancing career should join a Freelancing Institute to learn what & how to do freelancing? What are your views on this? I'll surely want to know.

Now, I'll talk about these points I mention below in details, one by one, in this blog. For now, I'm sharing this here so that my readers (you) will know what I think about freelancing institutes and the necessity of enrolling in one. This might as well work as a check list for anyone who's fresh & is trying to get into the world of freelancing. This will answer questions like where to start, how to proceed & what's next? In one question, how to start your freelancing career? Hope you find it useful. 

So, here's my comment on that Facebook group, unchanged:

"Don't go to any training agency - it is absolutely not needed. Spend 6 to 12 months in learning things as below, in order. You can learn all these on YouTube or online, for free. Don't waste money on learning institutes.
1. English.
2. What you want to do in freelancing - find out - research.
3. Choose domain - Focus - learn online.
4. Learn where to work - Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr or any other place.
5. Make resume + portfolio.
6. Then start applying for job + learn how to apply for jobs.
7. Keep sharpening your axes always - don't stop learning!

Now, please remember that this is just a check list on how to start your freelancing career. Each of these points will be discussed in great details in the coming weeks on this blog. Do let me know which among these topics interests you most & I'll bring that up earlier than the others, even though I'm planning for a chronological series of posts, but if you've any questions or concerns on something specific, that you want immediate attention to, I'll bring that to you sooner.

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Wish you all a very happy new year of 2017! Hope it brings happiness & success to all of us. God Bless!

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