Failing to plan is planning to fail

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Today’s topic is a very interesting one. I was thinking about writing on it for a long time and only now I got a chance. There are too many things going around, right? Well, so here it is. Something I love talking about and something you will be helped immensely by.


What does this actually mean? It means, in easy words, that you must plan for things that you want to achieve well ahead of time. Simple!

Plan your day. Plan your week. Plan your month. Plan your quarter, half year and probably the entire year ahead. Plan everything! This is what everyone tells and all of them are correct. I am not denying the fact nor am I repeating the same things again here, in this post. All I am going to tell you is a secret about planning.


The secret is that all of us do plan but most of us do it unknowingly. When we wake up in the morning, even though we did not write anything on our "To-Do List" last night, we still do what we need to do; don’t we? Every one of us has a plan when we wake up, though we do not do any such fancy things, like maintaining a list of tasks to do. In the back of our mind, we know what we are going to do today or any day for that matter. Even on days when we wake up and are on a vacation and your mind is empty, we still know that there are chores that we need to finish or at least places we would want to visit. What I mean is that we always have things to do, and we mostly know what we are going to do in that week or in two months or maybe by Diwali, or Christmas. We do have a list of things to do. And most of the times, we actually complete those tasks that too well within time. But this is not a business plan. In business, we must have a plan to reach a goal.


All that you need to do is to think about the same things or tasks that you are supposed to do, a little ahead of time. Along with that, you should have a list of actions that will help us in accomplishing the things that we need to do. This is what is called having a plan. Two things – list of tasks to do + list of respective actions that are to be taken to accomplish those tasks. Add a timestamp with these and you get a solid plan in place!


I define a business plan as a list of tasks which are sorted, ordered based on priority and written chronologically with a time stamp! Sounds bookish? Yes, it is! Very bookish, but you must have it to move successfully ahead in your business or in pretty much whatever you are doing. You must have a plan!

Now, if you ask me personally I try to plan as much as possible; rather, I plan as much as I can stick to and sustain. I create my own plan. I do not plan daily. I plan weekly or maybe for the next 15 days. I almost know everything that I will be doing in the next 15 days, but since I am still earning mostly from my active source, I often have to give up on my plans and modify them very frequently. These alterations are not drastic or catastrophic as I almost know how my time is going to be used up. So, I make a plan that I can follow.


Make your own plan. Do not follow someone else’s plan. More often than not, it will not work for you. If you can take someone else’s day to day plan and do the same things in the same order over and over again, then you can save a lot of time; but if you ask me, I am not too sure of that. I am not a fan of that kind of planning. So, the second secret that I am revealing here is to make your own plan.


Now, before I finish this article, let me give you a few pointers on why is planning so important. Important for your business, important for your job, important if you are a student and planning is important in your life, overall!
  1. Planning ensures that you know and acknowledge things that you have to do.
  2. A solid plan in place shows that you can define your tasks and recognize responsibilities.
  3. Planning also helps in prioritizing tasks. In turn, this helps you in doing more in lesser time.
  4. Planning ensures that you stay on top of your business and stay on track to achieve them in time.
  5. Timely completion of deliverables and results in front of your eyes make you confident in what you are doing and push you for more, in turn. Planning helps in achieving all these.

Don’t fail to plan well ahead in time, unless you are planning to fail in the long run!

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This is all I have in this article. I hope this helped you in some way or the other. I will eagerly wait to know if it does. Please feel free to write in your comments.

Wishing you all the best in your business. Keep at it and keep hustling!

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